Grime Update 1.0.4 Patch Notes (Official) – August 7, 2021

Grime update 1.0.4 is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Grime patch notes, the latest update brings various gameplay changes, improvements, and fixes. Apart from this, Grime patch 1.0.4 also addressed periodic stuttering.

Previously, a big update added various new changes, fixes, and more. Unfortunately, since the release, players are facing several issues. Grime patch 1.0.4 will fix a few of these issues.

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Grime Patch Notes (1.04)

Gameplay Changes

Fast Travel has been updated with 3 additional travel points and the relocation of one into an earlier, more accessible spot. Unformed Desert, Feaster’s Lair (the old one became Gloomnest), Garden, and the relocation of the Carven Nervepass

Beacons are now much easier to find in the majority of areas – Trails leading to the beacon begin from much farther away, and the sound que is also farther away.

– STR weapons have been buffed with increased damage and reduced force costs. However, these are still a high skill-up category of weapons and you are strongly advised to choose at least one Force replenishing trait such as “Frail Arm” and “Clawhound” to maintain aggression.

Servant & Flower types are now generally more susceptible to Absorb

Parriable needle throwing Servant has much less health.

Spinesnake trait costs 2p instead of 3p

Major Bugs:

– Fix for the stuttering issue causing the game to appear as though it runs on less than 60fps. Thank you for your patience!

– Game endings will now grant the proper achievements.

– ‘Proportions’ achievement is now acquirable.

– Fixed an issue causing the Pull state to stay turn on when it shouldn’t.

– Shidra fight is no longer infinitely repeatable.

– Fixed a rare issue causing the game to crash.

– Exiting the game after absorbing Shidra, but before reaching the Peak of Creation will no longer cause issues.

Misbegotten Amalgam : Added a fix to make sure the player always gets something to stand on.

– Chisel Nails special weapon buff no longer persists after swapping a weapon.

– Ardor will always show the infinite ‘∞’ symbol when equals to 100.

– Fixed an issue where some black walls wouldn’t disappear when you go behind them.

– Fixed an issue in Lithic which caused the player’s lost vessel to spawn in an unreachable area.

– Collider fixes in Feaster’s Lair, Unformed Desert, Lithic, Carven Palace and Worldpillar.

– Fixed an issue near the Unformed Desert’s beacon that caused some objects to disappear unexpectedly.

– Amalgam will no longer continue to cry near its arena in when it’s not actually there.

– Fixed a bug prevent captured rockgiant’s head from taking increased damage.

– Fixed some collider issues when interacting with the pullable teeth in Feaster’s Lair.

– Minor optimizations to Feaster’s Lair.

– Fixed an issue that allowed the player to go out of bounds in Worldpillar

– Fixed an issue where Worldpillar was absorbable when it shouldn’t be.

– The Imprisoned Rockgiant in the Carven Palace will no longer respawn after death

– You will no longer respawn on a volatile blob in a platforming challenge in

– The Yr Warrior found near Yr Den will no longer respawn after death

– Flower Foe will no longer enter an animation loop when deflected.

– Removed an unneeded ladder volume in Servant’s Path that let the player climb in the air

Pull target selection now has minimal distance to ease consecutive self pulling challenges.

– Pull ‘flicking’ with a controller should now be more responsive and precise.


– Spiked crawler now has grey health so players won’t be as likely to believe they can be absorbed.

– Added red glow the Whispering Mothers unparriable charge attack.

– Removed Red border from Yr Sword Warrior prey entry, as though it may grant a trait.

– Made it clearer you can dash through the rocks the ceiling rocks at the start of PoC.

– Weapons attribute symbols now have different colors to help differentiate between them when small.

– Removed a background asset from Whispering Mothers that looked like a platform but wasn’t.

-Fixed a typo in the Italian localization.

-The Centipede Whip will now properly display a big notification when collected.

Grime Hotfix (1.04.5)

This patch fixes a bugged interaction near the end of the game, and an issue making a late-game Nervepass unreachable.

Download free Grime patch 1.0.4 on PC.

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