Grime Update Patch Notes (Official) – August 20, 2021

    Grime update (August 20, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Grime patch notes, the latest update added another fast-travel point to a distant, late-game area and changes an existing fast-travel point to be far more accessible. Apart from this, Grime patch patch removes the last of the missed missables from the game, including the “Generous” achievement, and some Hunt Points.

    Previously, a big update added various new changes, fixes, and more. Unfortunately, since the release, players are facing several issues. Grime patch will fix a few of these issues.

    Read more details below.

    Grime Patch Notes ( – August 20, 2021

    Added an additional NPC and Nervepass to Cenotaph City.

    Improved accessibility to the Feaster’s Lair Nervepass.

    Generous achievement changed to no longer be missable.

    Instead of having to fully interact with all of the City’s Coda, you now only need to destroy or take all of their gifts, which stay even after you have wiped them all out.

    Added a pull indicator to the moving thread platform in Carven Palace

    – Added Heals in the form of Pullable/destroyable Heads in Carven Palace

    – Burst Lantern stacks can be triggered from air special. For style points.

    – Goldgrowth set can now be bought earlier in the game.

    – Puppet merchant will now sell Consumables after Heod refuses to, before the final boss fight.

    Coda gifts will no longer block you after they’re destroyed.

    Major Bugs:

    – Fixed an issue of ladders and passthroughs sometimes bugging out.

    – Fixed bug with Misbegotten Amalgam dropping both platforms instead of just one.

    – One of the Memory orbs in Pale Sky was a repeat of a previous one. It has now been updated with the new, proper text.

    – Fixed a bug with the Assimilation achievement.
    * Anyone who have acquired all Traits should now unlock this achievement upon loading the save.

    – Merchants no longer refresh the entire stock on closing and opening trade.

    Minor Fixes:

    – Added a shortcut to a Hunt carrier enemy in the Carven Palace after completing a platforming challenge.
    – Minor buff to ancient limb trait base damage
    – Made some platforming sequences in the pale sky not require as much pin-point precision.
    – Fixed an issue making destroying certain walls with the Fossil Fist very difficult.
    – Fixed an issue blocking the player out of using the Gloomnest Nervepass.
    – Desert Watcher mini-boss mistakenly had a Hunt Point.
    – Collider fixes across all areas.

    –  City Nervepass should now be accessible if you  in a previous patch.
    – Fixed a bug where a strand platform in the tilted palace would despawn if you went far enough away from it.
    – Corrected a mistake in the bestiary, the Garden Yr does not grant increased breath capacity.
    – Created a new Ardor tutorial clip for the first Ardor tutorial window.
    – Made it easier to uncover some map spots in Nerveroot.
    – The performer’s leap into the arena is now properly flashing red, as it is unparriable.
    – Fixed an issue where dying and killing  at the same time would not let the player consume the boss upon returning to its arena.
    – Fixed some objects and lights snapping in or out of the background.

    Download free Grime patch on PC.

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