Grime Update Patch Notes (Official) – August 14, 2021

Grime update (August 14, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Grime patch notes, the latest update added quality of life changes and bug fixes. Apart from this, Grime patch also addressed periodic stuttering.

Previously, a big update added various new changes, fixes, and more. Unfortunately, since the release, players are facing several issues. Grime patch will fix a few of these issues.

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Grime Patch Notes ( – August 14, 2021

New Content:

– Tooth Hammer – A new STR+RES wisp debuff weapon has been added, somewhere inFeaster’s Lair.


– Instruments should now be achievable with the addition of Tooth Hammer.

– Assimilation fixed and will only be gained after getting all traits, all Boss abilities and all Breath Hearts.

– Ending achievements should now work as intended.
* For those that already finished the game, you can go to your end of the game save,climb to the PoC again, trigger the cinematic and get it

Proportions can be gained even afterdefeating Yon if you pass by the area where you fought them (near the Sealed Barrier).


– Pullable objects have varying degrees of additional clarity via the “in-range pullable indicator”.
* Hopefully this will help players figure out prey-pulling earlier

– Consumable prices have been reduced significantly, up to about 80% cheaper.

– After player dashes in air- shards float around them. These get back inside of the player after it resets and they can air dash again.
* Hopefully this will help player realize that dashing from the ground into the air does not consume air dash, and also when it resets in general, such as from Self-pull.

– Prey drops have been expanded and improved. In general drops have been improved from mid to late game.

Strand of the Child now does a better job drawing the player’s attention when they pass nearby.

SomeCarven Palace encounters have been made more manageable, in particular whenever platforming/puzzles are involved.

– Fire Needle has been slightly nerfed.
* You’ll still be encouraged to learn to dash out of it, but it now won’t be a death sentence if you have full health and a heal.
You are intended to hate these buggers.

– Using Burst Lantern special in air will trigger the stacks.


– Added an option in settings to toggle auto cursor hiding.

– Sound of inactive Beacons has been pitched down to help mitigate issue for players with tinnitus. Range of already active Beacons has been lowered as well.

Major Bugs:

– Potential fix to game crashes.

Minor Bugs :

Fixed an issue with an optional boss which caused the floor in both sides to go down.
– Fixed an issue causing the player to respawn in mid-air in the Carven Palace.
– Fixed a naming issue where sometimes Feaster’s Lair was referred to as Feaster’s Den.
– Fixed an issue where the player could drop from the elevator to worldpillar without reforming.
– Fixed collider issues in the Weeping Cavity, Lithic, Garden.
– Added missing colliders to a ceiling in Gloomnest.
– Fixed a collider issue with the Strand of the Child pickup area in Garden.
– Yon achievement has been fixed. Going to his encounter after defeating him will grant you the achievement.
– Added a missing weapon to Feaster’s Lair. Collecting this weapon should fix the issue of the “Instruments” achievement not unlocking.
– Fixed an issue that could respawn the player next to a bomb in Gloomnest.
– Fixed an issue causing the Jawstag to get stuck occasionally.
– Fixed a few typos in some NPCs dialogues.
– Fixed a rare issue where you could get stuck on some of the ladders in the secret worldpillar platforming challenge.
– Adjusted a wall next to the palace nervepass that appears earlier than it should.
– Fixed a potential softlock issue in Feaster’s Lair.
– Goldhead will now properly leave Nerveroot after talking to him

Download free Grime patch on PC.

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