Green Hell Update 2.7.1 Patch Notes – February 12, 2024

Green Hell update 2.7.1 is available on PC(Steam). According to the official Green Hell patch notes, the latest update includes numerous fixes and improvements across various aspects of the game.

Previously, a major update added Animal Husbandry update added new features to the game. Now, Jake Higgins can build an animal pen and breed three animals: capybara, tapir and peccary. Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing several issues since the last major patch. Today’s Green Hell patch 2.7.1 will address a few of these errors.

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Green Hell Patch Notes – February 12, 2024


  • The game no longer crashes after destroying constructions that are connected directly to the Elevator
  • The game no longer crashes while taking Logs from the Log Stand
  • The game no longer crashes after exiting a session while the Eternal Flame is being extinguished
  • Opening the Notebook while carrying a lit Torch no longer causes a game crash for other players in the session
  • Fixed some additional crashes that occur randomly on saves provided by the community


  • Triggers to interact with Eternal Flame should no longer be hard to find if dead Tribesmen are nearby
  • The player should not be able to build constructions that block access to the Eternal Flame rewards
  • Tribesmen now despawn faster after the Eternal Flame is extinguished
  • FX of the ignited Eternal Flame no longer causes graphical distortion
  • UI prompts showing the Ritual of Fire events now display properly for all players in the co-op session
  • The status of the Eternal Flame is the same for all players after reloading a co-op session
  • Bow Trap no longer kills Thugs with one hit
  • Tribesmen AI when trying to get to the player should now focus more on destroying constructions
  • Tribesmen summoned by the Eternal Flame are now more likely to focus on the Lookout Platforms
  • Metal Arrowheads rewarded in the Ritual of Flame are now easier to pick up
  • Smoke that appears when Tribesmen try to extinguish Eternal Flame now disappears and appears smoothly
  • Voices of Tribesmen spawning for Ritual of Flame are now louder
  • Wasp nest attack audio effects are now improved
  • The player is no longer able to craft Ritual of Flame Herbs in the Story Mode


  • Taking damage while switching or throwing a weapon no longer causes HUD to get blocked
  • Animations of the bow no longer freeze when the player gets damaged during shooting
  • The vertical camera angle range is increased – the player can pick up items that are close to Jake’s feet
  • Receiving damage while switching weapons no longer causes animation mismatch
  • The player can no longer use Body Inspection while in the Elevator

The Spirits of Amazonia:

  • Jake’s hands no longer blur when entering the water in Spirits of Amazonia underwater arena
  • The surface of the water in Spirits of Amazonia underwater arena no longer displays a graphical distortion
  • Thug Tribesmen should now properly spawn in Spirits of Amazonia camps


  • Tribesmen spawned by low sanity no longer freeze when the player is on the upper levels of a construction
  • Skybox no longer displays graphical distortion during the final Dream sequence in the Story Mode


  • Meat on the Dryers and Fireside Walls no longer duplicate in co-op sessions
  • Icons on the Grill Rack now display properly for all players in the co-op session
  • Co-op players are no longer able to insert items into the Fence or Palisade ghost before it is properly set


  • Triangular Frame now behaves properly after the constructions underneath it are destroyed
  • Weapons no longer change color during interaction with construction ghosts
  • The gap between the first snap point to other fences and palisades is reduced
  • Grass and tiny plants no longer flicker when a construction is being completed
  • Triangular Frames can now be properly placed on upper levels of a construction


  • Icons on the items’ HUD now display properly in the Expand Menu
  • Using the Expand Menu on animals from the Animal Pen no longer causes all animals to freeze
  • Texts describing the Venom Wound in the Notebook no longer overlap
  • Change Direction’ has now a proper Icon when using a Controller
  • Notebook tabs now scroll in a proper order when using a Controller

Download free Green Hell update 2.7.1 for PC.

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