Green Hell Update 2.3.5 Patch Notes – September 14, 2022

    A new Green Hell update 2.3.5 is rolling out on PC, Xbox One and PS4. According to the official Green Hell patch notes, the latest update new features and bug fixes to the game.

    Previously, a major update added Animal Husbandry update added new features to the game. Now, Jake Higgins can build an animal pen and breed three animals: capybara, tapir and peccary. Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing several issues since the last major patch. Today’s Green Hell patch 2.3.5 will address a few of these errors.

    Read more details below.

    Green Hell Patch Notes – October 4, 2022

    • All water triggers near Mu’Agi village now work properly
    • Quassia Amara now has a proper size when being cooked
    • Animal Poison stacks icon no longer overlaps with the other parts of UI
    • All animals status icons are now aligned properly
    • Missing Polish translation when talking to the Habbacu Elder is now fixed
    • Saving Game Calendar in Cartel location in the Story Mode now displays properly
    • “In use” message on a tied up animal now displays properly
    • Aim’ keybind is displayed only if the dart is loaded,
    • Water and Food Trough are placeable only in the Animal Pen
    • Frogs in Frog Stretcher keep their colors after reloading the game
    • Unfinished darts are now positioned properly when being dragged through the Frog Stretcher
    • “NoSpaceInBackpack” text no longer appears when filling the Trough
    • Notebook will always open on page on which it was previously closed
    • The progress of Achievements should now be tracked properly when loading a game save from 2.3.3 and earlier versions
    • Sting animation works properly when the Player has an Armor equipped
    • Animals caught in Snare Trap now die after being hit
    • Animals should now get pregnant more often
    • Animal statistics are hidden after it gets tranquilized in the Pen
    • Animals now turn to the Player to be pet
    • Clients’ input now work properly after joining a canceled Trial
    • Blowpipe loading sound is now synchronized with its animation
    • Animals now behave properly after calling them from outside of the Pen
    • Tribesmen now attack the Pen if the Player tries to hide inside it
    • Animals should now behave properly when untied in an area not adapted to AI
    • “Call” and “Expand” have now separate controls when using a gamepad
    • Trials finish now properly when a Player joins the trial in progress
    • The Progress of Legend-related achievements will be now properly transferred after joining a coop session
    • “Oyohua Mu’agi” Achievement should now properly unlock for all players in coop session (retroactively as well)
    • The “Babysitter” achievement progress should now be properly unlocked for all players in coop session
    • The Progress of achievements should now be properly synchronized for all Players in coop session no matter the distance between them
    • “That’s the spirit!” Achievement now unlocks properly
    • The Items in the Backpack should no longer be shuffled after reloading the game

    Download free Green Hell update 2.3.5 for PS4 and Xbox One.

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