Gray Zone Warfare (GZW) Patch 1 Notes – May 22, 2024

Gray Zone Warfare patch 1 is rolling out on PC. According to the official GZW patch notes, the latest update addresses numerous issues, including vegetation reactions, main menu music bugs, character movement glitches, and squad management problems. Apart from this, Gray Zone Warfare update 1 also includes various AI, sound, and environment fixes.

Unfortunately, since the release, players are experiencing several server issues. The upcoming Gray Zone Warfare update 4 will address the remaining issues and bugs.

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Gray Zone Warfare Patch Notes – May 22, 2024


Bug Fixes

  • Vegetation Issues:
    • Vegetation now reacts appropriately to shooting.
    • Rustle sounds are now heard when players walk through vegetation.
  • Main Menu Music:
    • Fixed the issue where the main menu song would keep playing after joining a server.
  • 3PV Character Issues:
    • Resolved the issue where characters could get stuck in a crouch.
    • Fixed the issue where characters could get stuck in a levitating pose.
  • Squad and Chat Issues:
    • The “Add Member” button is now inactive when the squad is full.
    • Squad member status is displayed correctly.
    • Squad invitation pop-ups now appear after adding a friend.
    • Squad invitation notifications display under all circumstances.
    • Squad chat is no longer present after leaving the squad.
    • Private chat is no longer available after blocking a friend.
  • Sound and Door Issues:
    • Fixed sound issues near open doors.
  • Player Actions and Looting:
    • Players can now perform actions after vaulting.
    • The loot menu opens correctly when looting AI.
    • Grenades can no longer be thrown through walls.
  • Loading and Network Issues:
    • Resolved the issue where players could get stuck on the first loading screen with a network error.
    • Canceling provision/medical animations no longer renders players unable to perform actions.
  • Helicopter Issues:
    • The pilot now warns players before flying off.
    • Fixed the issue where getting killed by a landing helicopter could lead to a friendly fire report.
  • Vendor and Inventory Issues:
    • Multiple items now appear in vendor stock.
    • Empty magazines no longer refill after connecting to a server.
  • Environment and Collision Issues:
    • Fixed improper collisions on fallen stairs.
    • Resolved the issue where dead bodies would sink below the ground.
    • Fixed landscape issues near Foxtrot 2 LZ.
    • Addressed several spots where players could get stuck.
  • Confirmation Prompt and Effects:
    • Clicking outside the confirmation prompt no longer closes the prompt completely.
    • The blood effect after hitting an enemy is now consistently present.
  • AI Issues:
    • AIs can now shoot players when close.
    • Fixed AI spawning without ammo in Sawmill.
    • Resolved AI spawning partially below ground.
    • AI no longer disappears near bushes or water in towns.
    • Fixed a dead AI standing up and staying in an A-pose.
  • Weapon and Quest Issues:
    • Fixed a variant of the Type 51 pistol that was incorrectly set up.
    • Resolved issues blocking the progression of quests “Art of Deception” and “It’s in the Water.”
    • Fixed the reticle on the Viper RD red dot sight.
  • Client Crashes:
    • Various client crashes have been resolved.


  • Helicopter Performance:
    • Reduced hitches when flying the helicopter.
  • Key Bindings:
    • Players can now re-bind voice chat activation, map, health panel, inventory, and tasks to different keys.
  • Character Wipes:
    • Increased the time between character wipes to 1 week (previously 1 hour).
  • Weapon and Movement:
    • Improved Shotgun Slug damage.
    • Enhanced prone movement on sloped or uneven surfaces.
  • DLC and Exploit Safeguards:
    • Added a reminder to claim DLC rewards from the messenger.
    • Added safeguards to prevent grenade exploits to kill players and AI in FOB.
  • Quest Item Spawns:
    • Improved quest item spawn locations for the quest “The More the Merrier

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