Goose Goose Duck Update 2.24 Patch Notes

Goose Goose Duck update 2.24 is rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official Goose Goose Duck patch notes, the latest update adds a new seamstress role and a new game mode (corruption).

Previously, a major Goose Goose Duck update added a brand new jungle temple map with new game mechanics, new death stingers, new sabotages and new tasks. Unfortunetly, players are still experiencing bugs with the game. Today’s Goose Goose Duck patch 2.24 will fix a few of these issues.

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Goose Goose Duck Patch 2.24 Notes – June 2, 2023

New Seamstress Role

You can compare corruption once per round.

New Game Mode: Corruption

An advanced variant of the Classic game mode recommended only for experienced players. This introduces the corruption mechanic as well as several new roles.

This means the Corruption mechanic (and the roles associated with it) have been removed from Bloodhaven in Classic game mode and has been added to its own game mode: Corruption!

This gives players the option to enjoy Bloodhaven with or without the corruption mechanic.
This also opens up the potential to add the Corruption game mode to other existing maps as well as new maps in the future while still being able to provide the Classic game mode experience to players.

Bloodhaven Classic:


  • Removed High Priest, Initiate, Inquisitor, Demon Hunter, Saint, Crow Roles
  • Day/Night Cycle – Players are no longer viewed as Demons at night, but the town will still transform.


  • The Basic Demon – Summons a Demon that chases and freezes a player if they make contact.
  • Cursed Vision – All players will change form into a randomized Demon form, names are removed from everyone but are still visible for ducks.
  • Cursed Bell – Spawns a bell randomly on the map. If it is not picked up in time, a special meeting will be called where a random non-duck non-dodo will be ejected if no one is voted out. Emergency meetings cannot be called, but bodies can be reported.
  • Poison Water – Emergency meetings cannot be called, but bodies can be reported. Results in duck victory if not resolved in time.
Bloodhaven Corruption:


  • Includes High Priest, Initiate, Inquisitor, Demon Hunter, Saint, Seamstress, Crow Roles


  • Basic Demon – Summons a Demon at night and freezes and corrupts a player on contact.
  • Invisible Demon – Summons a Demon and freezes and corrupts a player on contact, can only be seen by target.
  • Helper Demon – Summons a Demon that will target a duck and give them corruption.
  • Corruption Scan – Scans the map to see the live location of corrupted players

Bug Fixes

Various bug fixes and optimizations.

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