Patch Notes

Golf With Your Friends Update 1.03 Patch Details

Golf With Your Friends update 1.03 released on PS4 and Xbox One. According to Golf With Your Friends version 1.03 patch notes, the latest update added the Escapists course, collision fix, and much more. Apart from this, Golf With Your Friends patch 1.03 also includes performance and stability improvements.


Previously, an update was released which added various bug fixes. Unfortunately, since the last patch, many players were experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game. Today’s Golf With Your Friends update 1.03 is expected to fix all these issues. Check out more details below.

Golf With Your Friends Update 1.03 Changelog

PC & Console Bug fixes

– Ball collisions should now be consistent between hosts and clients
– Profanity filter should now be more selective (i.e. less words are filtered)
– Ball lights will be visible for other players (not just the host)


Other fixes:

  • [Collision][Escapists] On hole 6 there are invisible walls located near the ramp
  • [Forest] – Wooden blocker on Hole 16 of Forest does not move for clients in online games
  • The Hole in – One trophy does not trigger in online or hotseat play if another player times out
  • In game fog is not activated depending on the players draw distance settings
  • [Collision][Escapists] On Hole 13 the table on the left side at the start of the Hole has no collision
  • [Audio][Escapists] Some SFX of the Furnace_Pusher_Escapists assets are played despite audio turned off in the settings
  • The Flag Indicator does not show up in Hotseat while in game or in free camera mode on any course
  • [Level Editor] (PC) The Global/Local text in the object details window is very large and exceeds the confines of its button
  • Any stats created in the course specific section of the player’s personal stats will be lost if made on the first session since creating new save data
  • [Escapists] The sinks on hole 7 have no collision When the player forfeits a Hole it will give the result “Ran out of Time!”
  • Player profile images in the quickplay lobby will appear as blank circles or the generic golf ball if players have previously been in an online lobby together
  • [Museum] Spirit Wall particle effects appear static from Hole 7 and onward until the player either picks them up or interacts with the Pause menu
  • [Escapists] There is no white rim for the hole in Classic mode on hole 11 of Escapists
  • Powerups can be enabled in Hockey and Dunk mode and positions are not correct in these modes
  • [Museum] The animation for spirit wall pickup is static until the pick up is activated
  • The profanity filter Game option under “Accessibility” has no default value
  • The ‘Who’s the food now?’ achievement is not unlocked after being eaten by Gingy in the practice range.
  • [Escapists] The ball is not reset after coming to a stop on a certain metal sheet asset on Hole 9
  • Players can hit their ball whilst in Free-cam mode if they open and close the Pause menu whilst in Free-cam mode on gamepad
  • [Museum] – Active spirit wall VFX and SFX can be heard / seen when spectating
  • [Collision][Escapists] On Hole 3 multiple wooden barriers in the spawn area are affected by collision issues
  • Escapists 2 Course

Download free Golf With Your Friends update 1.03 on PS4 and Xbox One.