Gold Rush Game July 7 Update Patch Notes

Gold Rush update is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Gold Rush patch notes, the latest update added Season 21 reward and various bug fixes.

Previously, a major update added new changes, fixes, and gameplay improvements.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the release. Today’s Gold Rush version will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

Gold Rush Patch Notes – July 7, 2022

Season 21

  • Added Season 21 reward – Black Gold skin for the pickup.

Fixed issues:

  • Trailers purchased simultaneously would spawn on the same slot.
  • Big electric water pump sounds would stop playing after turning it off via the big generator.
  • DIGtube wouldn’t play a video when turned on manually.
  • Newly purchased equipment would appear as if it had a cable connected to it.
  • The game wouldn’t automatically switch to mouse and keyboard controls after disconnecting the controller while using the tablet.
  • Various localization corrections within the in-game stories.
  • Minor bug fixes and visual improvements.

Updated journal pages:

  • 198, 196, and 192 now display the correct cog and track names.
  • 199, 221, 42, and 43 now display the correct equipment images.
  • Page 8 now displays the correct shopping list.
  • Page 9 now displays the correct order of actions.
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson
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