Going Medieval Update 9.5 (v0.15.4) Patch Notes

Going Medieval update 9.5 (v0.15.4) is rolling out on PC. According to the official Going Medieval patch notes, the latest update adds QoL improvements, animal protectors, wound system updates, and the introduction of gold coins as a new resource for trade.

Previously, a major Going Medieval update added new changes, fixes, and gameplay improvements. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the release. Today’s Going Medieval patch 0.15.4 will fix a few of these issues.

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Going Medieval 0.15.4 Patch Notes – August 1, 2023

  1. Animal Protectors:
    • Pet dogs/wolves/bears now protect animals in their proximity.
    • Torches, braziers, and production buildings protect animals around them, even through walls.
    • Settlers also protect small animals.
  2. Healing v2:
    • Animals that come with traders can’t be targeted by wild animals.
    • Animals that come with traders will never sleep.
    • Animals returning with the caravan at night will be protected from predators for some time.
    • Animals returning with caravans will not fall asleep in the next 8 hours.
    • Animals purchased from merchants will not fall asleep for the next 8 hours.
  3. Patient Job:
    • A new job type, “Patient,” added to the JOB panel, making settlers go to beds and wait for wounds to be tended.
  4. Self Tend:
    • Settlers can tend their own wounds if enabled in the MANAGE panel.
  5. Healing Kit in Pouch:
    • Settlers will carry healing kits in pouches and use them when tending instead of fetching them from far locations.
  6. Jobs per Hour Type:
    • New options to forcefully set priorities and enable jobs per hour type, making the jobs panel more efficient.
  7. Wounds v2:
    • Settlers will carry wounded even if they don’t have a tend job turned on and during leisure hours.
  8. Coins:
    • Gold coins have been introduced as a new resource for trade and wealth balancing.
    • All wealth parameters have been scaled down to maintain 1 gold coin being equal to 1 wealth/value.
  9. Birds:
    • Visual enhancement with birds flying over the map based on time of year and day.
  10. Building Cosmetics:
    • New variations of paintings and tapestries added, inspired by modern memes and situations.
    • Updated portrait art for various factions.


  1. Fixed the issue where unconscious settlers would spawn in the middle of a voxel, causing them to be stuck.
  2. Fixed the issue where wild foxes would sleep in pens and feed from inside during the day, ignoring other food sources.
  3. Fixed the issue where wild polecats would sleep in stockpiles in the settlement on occupied voxels.
  4. Fixed the issue where animals in caravans would immediately fall asleep at night, leading to small animals being killed by predators.
  5. Fixed the issue where shelves would drop stockpiled items when building floors below them.
  6. Fixed several text issues.
  7. Fixed huge stuttering with late game settlements that had a large number of piles.

Known Issues:

  1. Settlers will not always choose the closest production building if there are multiple of the same type.
  2. Some settlers may experience weird animations with certain actions. Players can cap the game’s FPS to mitigate this issue.
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