Gloria Victis Update Patch Notes (Official) – Jan 13, 2022

    A new Gloria Victis update released on PC(Steam). According to the official Gloria Victis patch notes, the latest update added adjustments, fixes and changes.

    Previously, a major update added new changes, fixes, and gameplay improvements. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the release. Today’s Gloria Victis patch will fix a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    What is new in Gloria Victis January 13 update Patch Notes?

    Quality of Life Improvements:

    – Player jumps will now be much smoother. We are not changing the height or reach of jumping, but the animation and movement in the air have been improved to give a much better feeling.

    – “Objects destroyed with siege engines” daily challenge now counts more objects (ballistas, doors), and the number of destroyed objects to complete the first step in the challenge was reduced to 1.

    – Reworked the Building Upgrade Panel Interface window to match it with the new User Interface system.

    – Humanoid death sfx’es are now more synchronized with the killing blow.

    – Sorting guild members have been improved and from now on it will show online members on the top of the list, then offline ones, sorted by last login time.

    – “-showuidebug” command in Steam Launch Options will start the game with /showuidebug turned on. This option may be helpful if you are recording any issue or bug in the game – it will grant us some more important information.

    – Added environment farm districts to capital cities, to improve the area’s level design and visuals. Those are purely visual/environment additions, although those areas have some resources and low-level workshops scattered around.

    – Removed Christmas quests and decorations. Santa will stay with us till the next update, so you can exchange your sweets and gingerbread with him for one more week.

    – Introduced three new cosmetic skins for two-handed hammers: Fisherman’s Revenge and Black Knight’s Hammer.


    – Fixed an issue where players sometimes could not be looted twice in one battle, when their proxy stayed in AOI range. It was a well-hidden system error, not dependent on player action. This should remove inconveniences related to an inability to loot players.

    – Fixed an issue where players could wait and accept revive on respawn after the flag was capped by another nation.

    – Fixed an issue where rewards on Frontier Pass Event were not working properly.

    – Fixed an issue causing completing Frontier Pass Event was not counted into Completed World Events Daily Challenge counter.

    – Fixed an issue causing Coat of Arms to not be properly shown on Tents skins.

    – Fixed an issue causing RMB clicks on some Vendors could open empty Vendor Shop windows.

    – Fixed an issue where Daily achievement “Kill Elite Animals” had the wrong number of kills needed to complete the achievement.

    – Fixed an issue causing siege points to be counted on UI at Temples during nightlock.

    – Fixed a few typos in polish localization.

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