Gladiator Guild Manager Update Patch Notes – November 16, 2021

Gladiator Guild Manager update is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Gladiator Guild Manager patch notes, the latest update added new Gladiators, quirks system improvements, Hell Difficulty, and more.

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Gladiator Guild Manager Patch Notes – November 16, 2021

3 new gladiators


A melee fighter who summons totems that heal, and shoots fire bolts. During Rain and Heavy Wind weather his abilities are stronger. He is most effective in that kind of weather and in longer fights where he gets a chance to summon as many totems as possible.


Tanky/Support gladiator. His shield can block melee, projectile, and area of effect attacks. He also heals allies around him, so he is most effective in crowded melee fights.

Storm Dwarf

A Dwarf’s high tech equipment gathers power from the weather. During Rain and Crimson Mist, his shooting is stronger, and during Heavy Wind weather, his melee attacks also grow stronger. He will then move towards enemies to fight.


Once you play with Shaman or Storm Dwarf, be sure to read how their abilities behave during different weather. And be sure to check weather next to days in timeline, so you can make the best use of these gladiators.

Weather is already influencing gladiators and on harder modes it’s advised to be aware of it. For example, if your fight a Troll boss, since his abilities are mostly using Strength, it is good tactic to fight him during Rain when weather buffs are decreasing Strength of all characters in arena, making his attacks weaker.

Also, note that Ancient Tempe and Hollow Mountain arenas have their own independent weather buffs and it won’t matter to gladiators what is the weather outside while fighting in there.

Quirk System Improved

The Quirk assignment was fairly flawed. It was assigning duplicate quirks into the list of available quirks. Meaning that you’d be seeing the same few quirks instead of a wider variety of quirks both in shop and on enemies. Now that is improved, and also quirks assignment is less random. So in a shop you’ll always see a combination of positive and negative quirks instead of sometimes running into all negative ones as some players reported.

Also during the championship, green coupons will tend to give enemies negative quirks, blue random, and purple positive. Before quirk assignments were completely random for each gladiator. Now this will make higher reward fights more difficult.

Hell Difficulty Added

In case you’re one of the players who wants an even higher challenge we added another extremely hard mode called “Hell”. At the start of the game you’ll notice that you get a bit less resources with each harder difficulty. But the biggest challenge is how the difficulty increases as you progress. On harder modes enemies will be higher levels as you complete new arena championships.

Corrupted Save Game Fixer

In very rare situations people would get their save game corrupted and could not launch the game. This happened to some people if they lost electricity in the middle of the game or something else happened that we can’t predict. Overall when this happens the whole save game file gets corrupted beyond saving, and it won’t even let people get back into the game. We had a solution in the Beta branch that would fix this by clearing the save game. Now after being tested in beta, we moved it to the main branch so if this unfortunately happens to you, it will get fixed without you having to switch to beta branch.

We suspect that this might also happen if you exit the game while the game is being saved. Game is saved pretty quickly, but it could happen in very rare cases. Safest way to avoid this is not to suddenly exit with Alt+F4, but to exit using in-game buttons (Main Menu / Exit).

Bug Fixes / Polishing

  • Many of the localization issues are solved. Missing text, or misplaced text.
  • Few gladiator buildings were missing descriptions.
  • Area of Effect Indicator was not correct because it’s shown at the position where the gladiator started casting ability and not where they executed. Now it’s fixed so that the circle indicator is following the character’s movement. This was not a big issue for previous gladiators, but now that we have Cleric who might move while casting his AoE Heal ability, the problem became apparent and needed fixing.
  • The End Game Panel used to be above the Options Panel. Now fixed.
  • Now that we updated gladiator and item shop update costs to start with zero gold we had an issue where if your gold was in minus, you could not update it. Now if shop refresh cost is zero, you can update it even if your gold is in minus value.
  • The Area of Effect indicator is now thinner and looks much better during the chaos in battle.
  • Purifier Wings Force effect added among a few other polishing details.
  • Various other minor fixes and polishes.
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