Gladiator Guild Manager Update 0.746 Patch Notes – November 27, 2021

Gladiator Guild Manager update 0.746 is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Gladiator Guild Manager patch notes, the latest update brings new changes, balancing, and bug fixes.

Check out more details below.

Gladiator Guild Manager 0.746 Patch Notes – November 27, 2021

Here are the new items:

Mantle Of Invisibility

Makes a gladiator invisible during the first X seconds of the battle, or until they finish executing their first ability.

Book Of Holy Light

2 second after the battle starts, heals allies for X% of their max health, in the area of X around this gladiator.

Book Of Fire

1 second after battle starts, enemies in area X% around this gladiator get set on fire burning total of X% of their maximum health during 5 seconds.

Blades Of Terror

First melee attack makes enemy lose control and run in terror for next X seconds (or until somebody hits them)

Book Of Magical Shield

Gains magical shield that absorbs a total amount of X damage per each level of the gladiator holding this item.

Book Of Invincible Shield

Gains a magical shield that lasts for X seconds and absorbs all damage during its duration.

Best Friend

1 second after the start of the battle a fighting dog is summoned. Dog gets 1 level for each X levels of this gladiator.

(Note: Currently this item summons a Worg. But we’ll replace him with actual dog soon)

Necklace Of Recklessness

Deals X% higher damage, but also receives X% higher damage. (any attack type)

Necklace Of Persistency

Once the gladiator’s health drops under 50%, gladiator restores X% of their max health, and enemies in the area of X get pushed away and knocked down for X seconds.


Additional quest is added for Ancient Temple that has a few follow up quests if you accept to do some shady business with peasants ːsteamhappyː

In this quest you’ll have 20 seconds to destroy a door in one of the Ancient Temple’s chambers, before an army of imps appears. So it’s all about putting your highest damage dealing gladiators.

Debug Console

One last thing. We implemented debug console that you can activate by pressing Shift + F3. This might be useful if you run into any issues. If there is an error in game you’ll be able to click on it and press copy button, and then paste the text to us so we can take a better look at what happened.

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