Ghost Recon Breakpoint Update 2.02 Patch Notes – April 5, 2022

    Ghost Recon Breakpoint update 2.02 (v4.5.0) is now rolling out on PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox One. According to the official Breakpoint 2.02 patch notes, the latest update brings changes to AI teammates, animations, clipping, customizations and more. Apart from this, Ghost Recon Breakpoint version 2.02 (4.5.0) also includes fixes for gameplay and missions.

    Currently, Ghost Recon Breakpoint servers are down. Check Breakpoint server status here.

    Previously, a big update added new content, new enemies, new customization items, and balancing. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing a number of issues with the game. Today’s Breakpoint version 2.02 will address a few of these issues.

    Breakpoint 2.02 Patch notes (GRB TU 4.5.0)

    AI Teammates 

    • Addressed a bug where Fixit was not able to equip CZ 805 Bren Weapon


    • Addressed a bug where the player would have a rifle animation when using the Assault Class Skill while equipped with a handgun
    • Addressed a bug where the player would twitch when reloading a weapon equipped with underbarrels and “Close & Personal” perk activated
    • Addressed a bug where Walker’s arm would dislocate when aiming
    • Addressed a bug where any Sniper Rifle Scope would move up & down after shooting in crouched position
    • Addressed a bug where the player would have an unnatural reloading animation on the VSK-50 when equipped with some underbarrel attachments
    • Fixed a broken CQC animation when the player was equipped with a handgun


    • Addressed a bug where the Costumes Face would clip with the camera when aiming upwards in prone position
    • Addressed a bug where the player’s elbow could clip through the ‘Rolled-up Sleeves Shirt’
    • Addressed a bug where the ‘Tactical Vest’, the ‘Blackhawk Omega’ and the ‘Cross Draw Vest’ would clip with several tops
    • Addressed a bug where the ‘6B3’‘6B5’‘Crye AVS – Loaded’, ‘M69 Flak vest’, ‘6B43’, ‘Smersh Mole Chest Rig‘, ‘Russian Defender 2‘, ‘Russian Counter-Terrorism’‘Future Soldier Vest’ would clip with the camera while aiming upward in crouch position


    • Addressed a bug where the ‘Vassili Kropotkine costume’ wouldn’t not match with the 3D preview in customization page and the 3D world
    • Addressed a bug where the color modification of Goggles and Headphone of the following issues wouldn’t: ‘Bodark mask A; B; C; D’
    • Addressed a bug where every patch with white outlines would have their outlines colored in red tone instead
    • Addressed a bug where Walker’s costume appearance would be different from the one in the marketing trailers
    • Addressed a bug where Alicia Diaz had no gloves nor strap in game
    • Addressed a bug where Back poach of ‘Smersh Mole Vest’ is slightly floating
    • Addressed a bug where Fury would lose her tattoo when getting customized


    • When switching from Story mode to Conquest mode, fixed an issue where the Switch Mode’s banner would not disappear
    • Addressed a bug where the ‘AK47 Shorty’‘s ironsight would be offset
    • Addressed a bug where the ‘Scorpion Evo3’ CQC equipped with the “Build-In Ironsight” would have its crosshair slightly off-center
    • Addressed a bug where the MK.3 upgrade wouldn’t be unlocked when conditions were met


    • In story mode, fixed an issue where Bodark enemies would spawn at ‘Sentinel Corp‘ camp in Cape North province
    • In story mode, fixed an issue where Bodark enemies would spawn at ‘Skell Technology’ camp in New Stirling province
    • Addressed a bug where the ‘Target Deceased‘ banner wouldn’t pop for clients and appear multiple times for host after completing episode 3 missions
    • Addressed a bug where the following investigations couldn’t be completed: ‘What is wonderland? Where is Project Deus located? Does Stone approve of Monroe’s actions?’
    • In ‘Guardian Angel’ mission, fixed an issue where the cinematic would not trigger when Cromwell reaches the extraction point
    • Addressed a bug where dead bodies would be missing from multiple missions on ASIA & MENA SKU on Xbox 1 and on SIEJ SKU on PS4
    • In ‘Nailed to the Ground’ mission, fixed a mission where a PMC caller would be present alongside Bodark Caller in camp Fuel Storage
    • In the mission ‘Stealing the beast’, fixed an issue where mission would never fail despite the vehicle being stolen and taken too far away from the player
    • Addressed a bug where Conquest collectibles would be displayed as rewards in camp tool tips in story mode


    • Addressed a bug where PC players would experience an FPS drop when connecting a PS4 controller

    Ubisoft Connect

    • Addressed a bug where the redeemed Ubisoft Connect Rewards were not usable in the same session in which they were unlocked


    • Addressed a bug where the Russian ration’s timer would overlap with vertical line in timer tabs in multiple languages
    • In ‘Human trials’ mission, fixed an issue where the subobjectives would overlap in the HUD for polish language
    • Addressed a bug where the ‘No-fly zone’ message would not span across the entire width of the screen on 2:19 and above rations
    • Addressed a bug where Xbox series X’s players would experience a grainy effect on their screen
    • Addressed a bug where ‘Mission completed/failed’ banner would go out of the banner’s bounds in the following languages: Thai, Polish & Russian
    • Addressed a bug where the sharpshooter Class Challenge pin was present during the Conquest Overview tutorial and overlapping some text


    • Addressed a bug the player would get stuck in various locations
    • Addressed a bug where rain splashes above water would not be rendered properly in photo mode


    • Addressed a bug where the GRL underbarrel would not be available to use on MK14 Assault & MK14 Assault Brown
    • In Gunsmith menu, fixed an issue where MK14 Assault Brown‘s underbarrel attachments wouldn’t be displayed and cause the player to have an unnatural handgrip
    • Addressed a bug where the SR3M Scout and SR3M Scout Survival didn’t have a specific silencer

    Ghost Recon Breakpoint Title Update 4.5.0 Download Size

    • PS4 & PS5: 2.30 GB
    • Xbox & Xbox Series X|S: 2 GB
    • PC: 3 GB

    Download free Ghost Recon Breakpoint patch 2.02 on PS4 and Xbox One.

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