Ghost Hunters Corp Update Patch Notes – November 10, 2021

    Ghost Hunters Corp update (Nov 10, 2021) released on PC(Steam). According to the official Ghost Hunters Corp patch notes, the latest update added a long list of bug fixes and gameplay changes.

    Previously, a hotfix was released with various fixes for crashes and more.

    Read more details below.

    Ghost Hunters Corp Patch Notes – November 10, 2021


    • Several updates/corrections have been made to every language.
    • Added Japanese Language.
    • Added Korean Language.
    • Any non-translated text will not appear in the game as English. If you wish to submit language corrections, or translations, please do so by emailing:

      [email protected]


    • (Voice) An additional voice module is now available (in addition to the Windows 10/11 module). This option will allow players without Cortana access to use their microphones again! To try this module out, you can switch to it any time in the ‘Language and Voice’ settings tab.
    • (Language Files) We have seperated the language file into two seperate files. You can now find a ‘vocal’ file, for voice lines, and a ‘language’ file for written text.
    • (Save Files) Moved the save files to the AppData folder for better tracking, and safety.

    Maps & Generation

    • (New Map) A new map is available named “Hope” Scout Camp, located in Canada.

    User Interface

    • (Vehicle) We have appropriately translated “Players In Vehicle”.
    • (UI) Changed the loading screens to reflect our new game logo.
    • (Tutorial) We have completely reworked the Tutorial App, it is now a lot more clear, with selectable chapters for easier navigation.
    • (Ghostpedia) We have completely reworked the Ghostpedia App. It looks a lot better, and it is now much easier to see the Tips for each evidence type.
    • (Ghost Market) The Ghost Market app has been re-designed. You can double-click to purchase items now, or single-click to open the context menu.
    • (Vehicle Computer) The vehicle computer UI has been entirely reworked. You can now double-click on items to spawn them, or single-click them to open the context menu.
    • (Multiplayer App) The Multiplayer App has been re-designed to be more user-friendly.
    • (Profile) The Profile App has been reworked entirely- more avatars, and colors are coming!
    • (GameInfo) A Game Info App button has been added. This will contain credits for our amazing supporters and partners!
    • (BugReport) A Bug Report App button has been added. This is in preparation for the coming in-game bug report system. Until then, it contains methods you can use to report bugs to us!
    • (Ghostpedia) Centered the text on the right-panel of the ghostpedia.
    • (Profile) New color options: Cyan, Grey, Black.
    • (Profile) Changed the shade of Orange in the profile color selection.
    • (Tablet) The App names now use the same text as the rest of the UI to avoid missing fallback characters.


    • (Vehicle) Changed the layout of the vehicle to allow plenty of space for equipment or (certainly not stolen) objects.
    • (New Item) A new item has been added called the “Fog Lamp”. This should prove especially useful in very dark or very foggy locations.

    Gameplay & Balance

    • (Ghosts) Entities will now always be visible in Photo and Video cameras.
    • (Ghosts) Adjusted the frequency of ghost attacks on Simple difficulty. They should be a bit more chill now.
    • (Price) Photo Camera price reduced from $230 to $200.
    • (Price) Neutrino-Gun price reduced from $750 to $600.
    • (Price) Threat Indicator price reduced from $180 to $85.
    • (Price) High-Def Camera price reduced from $250 to $180.
    • (Sound) While fainted, you will now be able to hear other fainted players, as well as nearby conscious/living players.
    • (Players) You can now play with up to 6 players in a team, instead of 4.

    Graphics & Performance

    • (Fog) Fog, and general lighting has been rebalanced and updated in several locations.
    • (Lobby) Changed the floor of the lobby. It is now a lot less aggressively bright.



    • (Spirit-Box) Fixed a bug in multiplayer that would cause the Spirit-Box to give a false EVP sound effect.
    • (Spirit-Box) Fixed a bug that would cause Spirit-Boxes to continue making sounds, even while turned off.
    • (Photo Camera) Fixed several bugs related to object detection. You should no longer be credited for ‘Cursed Object’ in photos that do not contain a Cursed Object.
    • (Spirit-Box) Fixed several instances of the entity not responding to the player when it should have, even while using a spirit-box.
    • (Spirit-Box) Fixed a bug that would cause the Spirit-Box Radio effect to play when it was not intended.
    • (Spirit-Box) Fixed a bug that would cause only the Host to hear the EVP sound effect.
    • (Spirit-Box) Fixed a bug that would give several, but not all players, the ability to hear spirit-box evidence.
    • (Spirit-Box) Fixed a bug that would cause the EVP sound effect to play, even with no spirit-box present.
    • (Spirit-Box) Fixed a bug that would cause the EVP sound to play every time the spirit-box was turned on. Every player except the one turning it on could hear this.
    • (Objects) Fixed a bug that made it nearly impossible to pick up several items, once dropped on the ground outside of Lost House.
    • (Cameras) Fixed a bug that would cause a video camera with night-vision activated to also activate nearby photo camera night vision.
    • (Cameras) Fixed a bug that broke some of the camera controls in the vehicle. They should now work correctly.
    • (Vehicle) Fixed a bug that could cause the vehicle door (after breaking) to block entry/exit to the vehicle permanently. This would make missions impossible to complete.

    Ghost AI & Behavior

    • (Demon) Fixed a bug that would cause Demons to not laugh, even while using a spirit-box.
    • (Ghost-Player) Fixed a bug that would cause entity-explosions to push players through walls, or into walls (stuck).
    • (Ghost) Fixed several instances of ghosts getting stuck in walls, or behind objects.
    • (Writing) Fixed a bug on Extreme difficulty that would make it very difficult to get the ghost to write or draw in the Writing Book.
    • (Ghost) Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the ghost to stand completely still while attacking, rather than chase the player.

    User Interface

    “* (UI) Mostly fixed the UI freezing/breaking. The ‘show exorcism module’ specifically would get stuck, and force users to have to restart the game. This was caused by an animation error.

    It CAN still break, though it is exceedingly rare/difficult to break it. We will look into this more with time.”

    • (Missions) Fixed a bug which caused ‘Extreme – Short’ missions to not show up in the Free Contracts selection.
    • (Ghostpedia) The ghostpedia should now reset correctly upon starting a new mission.
    • (Language-Ghostpedia) Having a selected evidence, then changing language- will now appropriately update the language for all evidence (except the Ghost Descriptions, in which case, you will need to switch ghost type back and forth to update it) (we will correct this at a later time).

    Maps & Generation

    • (All Maps) Adjusted the size, and position of several pentagrams, surface writings, and surface drawings.
    • (Lobby) Adjusted the position of several objects, and text-boards.
    • (Lobby) Slightly adjusted the “multiplayer is in progress” notice-board.
    • (Japan) Fixed Japan’s bamboo animations. The base of the bamboo no longer moves, you know, because it’s stuck in the ground. Heh.
    • (Japan) Fixed a spot where players could get stuck on the main stairway.
    • (Japan) Removed/fixed several invisible walls that got in the way.
    • (Japan) Lowered the ambient sound of the bamboo temple, to be more in-line with other maps.
    • (Japan) Fixed a bug that could cause all pillows to vanish.
    • (Manor) Fixed a bug that would cause Holy Water to pass through the attic floor (when thrown), and land on the floor below.
    • (Manor) Fixed a bug that would cause the front door of the manor to break, permanently locking unfortunate players inside of the mansion.
    • (Manor) Fixed a bug that would cause the two sofas near the entrance to blink in and out of existence. We’re sad to lose the quantum sofas.
    • (Manor) Several rugs were fixed. They will no longer consume items that are thrown on them.
    • (LostHouse) Fixed all of the backwards/inverted writing.
    • (LostHouse) Fixed the wallpaper that was sticking up through the staircase.
    • (LostHouse) Fixed the noticeable gap between the bathroom walls.
    • (LostHouse) Fixed the jack-in-the-box weight. Let’s just say it has put on a few pounds.
    • (LostHouse) Fixed the chess-board texture. It will no longer be totally invisible when you view it from the bottom of the board.
    • (LostHouse) Fixed a bug that would cause light from a lower floor to shine through the floorboards, and into the upper floor.
    • (Barony) Walking into the lamp outside of the barony will no longer break the light. (who even walks into a light post?)
    • (Barony) Pentagrams will no longer spawn half-underneath the barrels on the bottom floor.
    • (Barony) Corrected the position of the 2 primary bottom-floor doors. No more door gap!
    • (Barony) Fixed the invisible ledge that could partially block players from entering the building.
    • (Cemetery) Fixed a bug that could cause all skulls to vanish.

    Multiplayer & Network

    • (Players) Fixed a bug which allowed players to join missions which were already started. This caused many issues.
    • (Ghost) Fixed several instances of the entity being easily avoided (during attacks) if you were a non-host player.

    General Gameplay

    • (Crash) A severe bug causing crashes for several players has been found, and fixed. It was related to a problem with the physics of objects.
    • (Sound) Fixed a bug on Cemetary that would cause your footsteps to make no sound.
    • (Unconscious) Unconscious players can no longer sprint (or be out of breath). This may be reverted/changed in the future, once we are able to address a few bugs with this.
    • (Ghost) Ghost-explosions will no longer interact with Cursed Objects. This is to fix rare instances of ghost-explosions pushing necessary objects outside of the map, making it impossible to exorcise the entity.

    Download free Ghost Hunters Corp update for PC.

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