Ghost Hunters Corp Update Patch Notes – March 30, 2023

Ghost Hunters Corp update (Nov 10, 2021) released on PC(Steam). According to the official Ghost Hunters Corp patch notes, the latest update adds Billy (the doll) as non-evidence in the Encyclopedia and various other issues. Previously, a hotfix was released with various fixes for crashes and more. Read more details below.

Ghost Hunters Corp Patch Notes – March 30, 2023


  • We have added Billy (the doll) as non-evidence in the Encyclopedia.

We have added lit candles next to a very specific gravestone in the Cemetery. This is to help players find/see this location, as it can contain some important gear on Rescue contracts (or surface writing/drawing).

  • We have updated the Ghostpedia evidence selectors. They are slightly smaller now, and should have a lot less bugs associated with the buttons.
  • We have added color-code dots in the Encylcopedia, for the “Contract Types”.
  • We have updated the main board in the Hub. This will hopefully prevent/resolve continued confusion from players who believe the tutorial was/is “required”.

Bug Fixes

  • Finding unconscious employees in non-rescue missions should now be possible again.
  • We have corrected the number of possible Occult Objects per contract. ((# of evidence per 1 entity) x #OfEntity + (#OfMaxTotems x #OfEntity) (also known as 10 maximum possible occult objects).

We have mostly fixed the “automatic refresh” in the public lobby browser. We are aware that the lobby automatic refresh does not seem to work on it’s first countdown, and are looking to resolve this as soon as possible.

  • Broken Salt capsules (as well as Tiger Eye and Holy Water) should now correctly show as “consumed” (on the ground) after it damages the entity, or was an exorcism step of the entity.
  • We have fixed Holy Water not showing as consumed correctly after destroying a pentagram.

We have fixed a problem with the Entity Analyzer which sometimes prevented non-host players from being able to use it to scan multiple entities. Tip from GEx HQ: You can press the Q button (by default) to reset the Entity Analyzer.

  • We have corrected a problem with the destroyed totems not producing the “poof” or “damage” effect against some entities.
  • We have corrected several small lights on the Abandoned Farm map.
  • We have fixed several wall writings/drawings which were not appearing in a white color, as they should have been.
  • We have fixed doors “falling through the ground” after they are broken.
  • We have made a correction to the text alignment of the Ghostpedia tab title.
  • We have fixed the MEL sometimes showing “Infestation” twice.
  • We’ve made several more corrections to player save files which should greatly reduce the chances of players losing save files, or save progress.


  • Added new keys to all languages.
  • The following languages have been updated:
  • Dutch (thanks to Joshua)
  • Russian (thanks to Oliver A.)
  • Portuguese (thanks to Marcielcps)
  • Czech (thanks to TheCoolestDuck)

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