Get Stuffe Update Patch Notes – November 5, 2021

Get Stuffe update is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official Get Stuffe patch notes, the latest update added quality of life improvements and gameplay optimizations.


Since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s Get Stuffe patch will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.


Get Stuffe Patch Notes – November 5, 2021


We have fixed a crash that was occurring during level transition. There is still a crash that occasionally occurs when a player quits to the front menu.

Other Stuff

Full servers now give a warning

Ripper – Adjusted the strength of Fear effects.(nerf)

Heck – Portals are no longer randomized

Terminus – Gas Vents now properly trigger from spirits

Dream Eater – Fixed an issue where werewolf could not be seen

Fixed an issue where some killers could hit through walls

Fixed description for Parasites

Fixed description for Painting

Castle Oinkenstein – added collision outside of map to prevent getting out of bounds.

Trenches – added collision outside of map to prevent getting out of bounds

Ripper – doubled the distance needed to be in order to unghost

Werewolf – replaced their dash with the normal victim dash because it was too confusing to use, will revisit this ability once most of the bugs are resolved.

Fixed a bug that would cause the Logging party or Zombie swarm event not properly spawn their roles.

Added disconnected from server dialog

Fixed a bug that would let a player revive during the victory screen

Fixed a bug that caused the final showdown message to appear twice

Fixed a bug where the second signal would be warned about being seen

Reduced the reward for pressing buttons in spirit form

Players should no longer get stuck in constructions they build

Text for intern constructions no longer obstructed by icons

Tightened trace size for Stryka

Late joining no longer causes no name to be assigned

Assigned Names properly appear while spectating a player.(must be within voice range of them to see)

Fixed a bug in Terminus that let players revive in the hole

Removed a possible weapon spawn location that was in a wall in Thalass

Fixed some nav mesh issues in Titan One Six

Removed an objective spawner that was in a wall in TItan One Six

Added a check in most maps to see if a player falls through the floor

Fixed a possible dream door spawn in Witchwood

Intern’s defective cloning machine should now only bring 1 person back

Removed Cooldown icon on spirit ability hint

Store is removed from raygun renegades

Added a 1.5 second cooldown for Spirit Abilities

Placed a check for elevator crushing to make sure player is below it

Buffs that block other buffs, now clear those buffs once applied.

Added a separate slider for player voices

Spawnable Bridge spirit interaction properly goes away

Fixed hide chat not working at all

Construction wheel now properly shows correct scrap amount

Objective markers should now properly update

Fixed a collision issue in Thalass that would block constructions

Turned down dream eater scream volume

Fixed a typo

Added “you are a spectator” message to spectators

Added more situational hints

Added message to screen when non victim role tries to escape via helicopter

Fixed flashlight, now properly blinds people (haha my bad)

Threw a beer down for my homie