Get Easy Steering Wheels in Monopoly Go

Steering wheels in Monopoly Go are exclusive to the game’s Halloween event. By collecting steering wheels, you can earn rewards and unlock spooky new cars. This guide will explain the best easy ways to get Steering wheels in Monopoly Go.

What are Steering Wheels in Monopoly Go?

Monopoly Go Steering wheels are used to spin a wheel on the Spook Car Partners game board. This earns you points towards unlocking Halloween-themed cars.

There are also milestones you can reach by collecting steering wheels and points. Hitting these milestones will unlock rewards like dice, money and sticker packs.

The grand prize for completing all the milestones is 5000 dice, a Galaxy Sticker pack and a Crypt Car Token.

How to Earn Steering Wheels in Monopoly Go?

One of the easiest ways to earn steering wheels is by completing daily activities in Monopoly Go. Here are some quick and simple activities that reward steering wheels:

1. Eight Hour Shop Reward

Every 8 hours you can claim a free reward from the shop which contains steering wheels. Just go to the menu, enter the shop and scroll right to find it.

2. Milestone Events

Participate in the special limited-time events on the main game board. Completing milestones in these events will award steering wheels.

Here is a list of rewards for each milestone:

    • 2400 Points: 150 Dice
    • 7400 Points: Money
    • 18,400 Points: 250 Dice and Money
    • 40,000 Points: Pink Vault of 350 Dice and Pink 3-Star Pack
    • 80,000 Points: 600 Dice, Money and Golden Pink 3 Star Pack

3. Tournaments

Enter the limited-time tournaments which are running during the Halloween event. Place high on the leaderboard to win big steering wheel prizes.

4. Quick Wins

Knock out the quick challenges that refresh daily. These are a fast way to stack up steering wheels.

Conclusion – October 31, 2023

Steering wheels are the currency that fuels Monopoly Go’s Halloween event. They offer fun seasonal rewards when collected. Follow this guide to earn steering wheels from daily activities, free links, team play and other tricks. With these tips you’ll be rolling in steering wheels in no time!


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