Generation Zero Update 1.31 Patch Notes (Recon Update)

Generation Zero update 1.31 is now available to download on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. According to the official Generation Zero 1.31 patch notes, the Recon update added 4 New South Coast Control Points, Revamped Vesslan Warboard Missions and much more. Apart from this, Generation Zero version 1.31 also includes bug fixes and QoL Improvements

Previously, a major update added a new feature (Base Assault), two new missions, Marshland revamps, and more.

Unfortunately, some players are still experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game. Today’s Generation Zero patch 1.30 will address a few of these issues. Read more details below.

Generation Zero Patch 1.31 Notes – August 23, 2022

  • Rivals now drop apparel schematics in a more functional way: quality levels will be dropped in sequence. For example, if you only have a Quality 2 schematic, the next drop of that type can only be a Quality 3 schematic, and so on. This was done to make the experience a bit more understandable for everyone, and subsequently, relieve a problem of having gaps in a schematic line which players could not use.
  • The stat effects of apparel schematics are roughly double overall, but some might fall a little above or below that. This is dependent on how they “scale” into the overall experience for players, as some might have been too powerful/imbalanced.


  • Quantity is now displayed in the HUD when picking up loot
  • Increased the damage per shot and decreased the fire rate for the Kotenok and S21 to make them feel more like DRMs
  • Increased damage per shot for the AT-WAD to compensate for the small magazine
  • The weapon wheel now displays used-up items as grayed out in the weapon wheel; picking up more of the “remembered” item will automatically place it in the previous slot
  • Bad luck modifiers added to experimental weapon loot; this means that the chance of getting them increase if you have not gotten one over a number of attempts
  • Credits screen is updated to reflect the current team composition
  • Vehicles now use the same movement input as walking; this means that they now will rebind as you rebind the walking keys



  • [Community Reported] Fixed the issue where ticks would infinitely spawn from machine corpses and attack other machines, players, structures, etc. and cause crashes.Animation, Art, & Audio
  • Fixed an issue with the Deployable Turret texture appears buggy in UICombat, Weapons & Equipment
  • Fixed an issue where players could take damage from other players using experimental ammo
  • Fixed an issue with Base Defense in Multiplayer where the Client doesn’t get rewards or a reward pop-up after finishing a wave
  • Fixed an issue with Base Assault where Control Points cannot get taken over by FNIX in neither the South Coast Region nor the Forest Region
  • Fixed an issue where the Command Center in Base Assault could (in certain cases) be killed before shield generators were destroyed
  • Fixed an issue with Base Defense in Kållebyviken South Coast where none of the machines would shoot at the base
  • Fixed an issue with Base Assault where enemies do not attack the player, they only attack the base itself
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck on the loading screen after being drowned during combat
  • Fixed an issue with Base Buildings could be destroyed with the players own shots
  • Fixed an issue where Players could not assign equipment in the inventory
  • Fixed an issue in Multiplayer where the Client could not see anything in a damaged state in Base Assault
  • Fixed an issue where the Portable Machine Gun Turret would float after the destructible object it was placed on is destroyedCrashes & Performance
  • [Community Reported] Fixed an issue with Base Building where placement of wall at the western border in Storskogen caused permanent save game corruption for some players
  • Fixed an issue where the Client would sometimes crashes when looting in multiplayerMachines
  • Fixed an issue where Runners wouldn’t attack anything with their ranged weapons (apart from missiles)
  • Fixed an issue where Machines walked to their goal without being able to get distracted by environment events or the playerMissions
  • Fixed an issue in multiplayer with the Break of Dawn mission where players were unable to complete “ammo” objective if they opened an ammo box in a MP game then returned to their own session
  • Fixed an issue where the VO of Theresa and Pontus would play when starting a new game
  • Fixed an issue with the Sanctuary mission in multiplayer where the “collect materials” counting objective did not work properly.
  • Fixed an issue with The Home Team mission where Pontus would sometimes go missing after restarting the game in the middle of an objective
  • Fixed an issue with the Breaking Dawn mission in multiplayer where ff you join the game after the pistol and flashlight have been taken, they will be unobtainable
  • Fixed an issue with the Breaking Dawn mission in multiplayer where only one player can take the ammo from the police car
  • Fixed an issue with dialogue that should play after completing The Home Team starts playing when starting the game with a save that’s already completed all intro missions
  • Fixed an issue with the mission item “Map of the second radio mast” has incorrect information
  • Fixed an issue with the mission Calling for Help where the dialogue near the Saltholmen base is not triggered when the objective changes (not the same location radius)
  • Fixed an issue where a new character can start a game with a flashlight locked on after restarting the account’s progressUI
  • Fixed an issue where the Weapon Wheel prompts “TXT_Text” on all its slots
  • Fixed an issue where no notification would appear when looting a sapling from anywhere on the map
  • Fixed an issue with a misaligned interaction box the arrows icon during character creation
  • Fixed an issue with the Scroll wheel where it wouldn’t show ammunition amount on any weapon
  • Fixed an issue where the control point icon is visible although no control point buildings are present
  • Interface – Gameplay – Trigger for horde mission icons has a very long range
  • Fixed an issue where the mouse pointer is offset in the text field when registering an Apex Connect Account
  • Fixed an issue with inventory sorting by weight/stack weight did not take into account for weapons with attachments
  • Fixed issues where players could not build in Sillevik and Bergahöjden although it shows green
  • Fixed an issue where the difficulty triggers offset from the physical object at Kållebyviken, Stentorpet, & Joängen Control Points
  • Fixed an issue for Base Assault where the health bar for the FNIX control center and the player command center is always full for the clientWorld
  • [Community Reported] Fixed an issue where players have a hard time finding the last weapon in Salthamn
  • Fixed an issue with the Map where it was showing ocean, although there is new land in the world in the South Coast Region
  • Fixed an issue with the Salthamn Bridge where players could get stuck on collision inside metal shipping crate
  • Fixed various issues where players could get stuck in a few places at the Kalkbrottet Safehouse
  • Fixed collisions with the angled wall inside ring wall towers in Hagaboda
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to get stuck between a container and stack of sandbags at road barricade in North Coast region
  • Fixed an issue where the Wolf could teleported into a destroyed bunker, where it got stuck
  • Fixed some areas of floating grass / vegetation near Bjorknasskogen / Bjorknas
  • Fixed some shed props clipping with wooden plank fence in Hagaboda
  • Fixed a section of road that did not have correct material textures, and allowed consumable trees to spawn where they shouldn’t
  • Fixed floating a container and sandbags at road barricade in North Coast region


  • Machines that are fighting each other in large groups may stop shooting at each other and the player in certain situations
  • UI for objectives sometimes does not update when objectives complete
  • Scaleform can sometimes crash the game after completing a Base Assault
  • In Broängen Farmlands sometimes players cannot destroy FNIX central Tower even though the shields generators are down
  • There is an occasional random crash at log-in on Windows 10 versions of the game
  • There is an occasional crash when placing a waypoint on the map
  • In multiplayer the Base Assault mission can sometimes not update after a Host destroys a shield generator
  • Sometimes Base Assault reward pools do not match the base difficulty level
  • Machines can sometimes get stuck on slope/hill at during Base Defense in the South Coast – Torsberga
  • Remote-Controlled Explosives sometimes blink their VFX and are not always synced between host and client(s) in multiplayer

Download free Generation Zero update 1.31 is now available for download

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