Gardening Partners Event Rewards List for Monopoly Go

The next partners event coming to Monopoly Go and it’s Gardening Partners. Monopoly Go Gardening Partners kick off on January 8th, this event brings exciting new rewards up for grabs when you team up with friends. Let’s take a look at exactly what rewards you can earn at each tier during this event.

Monopoly Go Gardening Partners Event Rewards List

The first reward comes at 2,500 event points. Hitting this initial threshold will score your team 200 dice to fuel your board progression.

At 6,000 points, your collaborative efforts will be rewarded with a cash prize! The harder you work together, the bigger the bonus.

Common Sticker Pack

The first tier in Gardening Partners requires 10,000 event points. When your team hits this threshold in a shared challenge slot, you’ll all receive a Common Sticker Pack featuring new Gardening theme stickers to liven up your messages.

Here is a list of all free Monopoly Go dice.

Monopoly Go Gardening Partners Event Rewards List
Monopoly Go Gardening Partners Event Rewards List

Blue Mystery Box

The next reward tier at 13,000 points brings a bounty of loot including:

🔹 Blue Mystery Box full of gems, cards, and dice

🔹 200 additional dice to add to your reserves

🔹 A cash prize for the whole squad to split

Pink Mystery Box

Crossing 26,500 points earns your team the Pink version full of epic rewards like:

🔸 The exclusive Pink Mystery Box

🔸 High Roller Badge: display your wealth

🔸 400 dice: keep making moves

🔸 Pink Sticker Pack: pretty new stickers

🔸 Cash Prize: grow your wallets

Rare Sticker Pack

The next threshold is 30,000 points to unlock the Rare Sticker Pack. More elusive than their Common counterparts, these emojis and stickers are sure to impress. Equip them on your Collector to show off to opponents!

Green Mystery Box

At 32,000 points, an abundance of Green Mystery Box treasure is yours, including:

🔷 Green Mystery Box: loaded with legendary goodies

🔷 500 dice: spin the board faster

🔷 Cash injection: build your fortunes

🔷 Blue Sticker Pack: rare chat stickers

Epic Sticker Pack

Halfway to the grand prize lies the 50,000 point Epic Sticker Pack with even more Gardening visuals for your chat and Collector customization needs. Show your dedication to all things floral with these.

Legendary Sticker Pack

Last but not least is the Legendary Sticker Pack once your team secures 80,000 points within the 5 day timeframe. These extremely rare and dazzling Gardening stickers are sure to make your crew the envy of Monopoly Go!

Grand Prize

In addition to all the Sticker Pack rewards, filling all 4 Gardening Partner slots to max capacity will secure the grand prize bundle! This includes:

🔷 5,000 dice to fuel your board progression

🔷 Exclusive 5-star sticker pack full of one-of-a-kind Gardening visuals

🔷 A new Gardening emoji for your global chat discussions

🔷 The sought-after Garden Cat token player piece inspired by flowering felines!

Be sure your team coordinates all week long to hit all the targets and claim everything that Gardening Partners has to offer! Let the gardening commence on the 8th!

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