From The Depths Update 3.4.3 Patch Notes (Official) – February 22, 2022

    From The Depths update 3.4.3 released on PC (Steam). According to the official From The Depths patch notes, the latest update added a number of tweaks, fixes and some new additions.

    Since the last patch, players were facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s From The Depths patch 3.4.3 will fix a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    What is new and fixed in From The Depths Patch Notes? – February 22, 2022


    • It is now possible to change which display FTD is displayed on


    • HEAT secondary body for APS is only 70% of a head now (final power is ~unchanged beyond the 5% base buff)
    • HESH base power up by ~11%, HEAT base power up by 5%
    • Squash and shaped charge base power increased by 15% for APS only (missile HEAT is the same)
    • At the maximum difficulty level the player’s faction strength is now overestimated by [x3 + 5 million] rather than [x10 + 10 million].
    • There is a new slider for diplomacy/strategic AI aggressiveness. This used to be included in ‘design difficulty’ slider. You can now have a more ‘diplomatic’ campaign against the hardest vehicles, or all out war but with easy vehicles.
    • At least one of the available options should now not cost any commodities
    Garbage collection
    • Turned off incremental garbage collection to see if it improves stability
    • Checks for invalid components added to missile loading and some other places where it was missing
    • Default missiles for newly placed launchpads improved
    • Initial speed for drop as bomb option in rail gantries reduced from 30 to 25 m/s
    • It is now possible to only display the spring and axle for a wheel, not the block attachment [BUGS-3612]


    ACB controller
    • ACB controllers now work correctly if they are spawned in a destroyed state and are then repaired
    Animation block
    • Fixed the breadboard to animation block filtering by name
    • Fixed an issue where some breadboard components would run their logic more than one time per frame
    • One-shot component will now correctly only activate once
    • The first output of the steering info component now indicates whether the mainframe’s movement is turned on or off
    • BUGS-3629 Fixed fortress turbines taking damage when out of power if the language is changed from English
    • BUGS-3659 Fixed strategic AI moving fleets through terrain they cannot move through resulting in fleets getting stuck
    • Fixed a rare issue where the strategic AI would not correctly change the path of a fleet if its destination changed
    • Fleets with a patrol route setup will now properly save and load the waypoint they were moving towards
    • Fixed a problem preventing the player from getting options with a lot of enemies
    • EMP charges can now travel between constructs
    • Laser Q switch EMP resistance fixed
    • BUGS-3618 Explosions should now be rounder (it probably won’t change a thing as no explosions reach their max radius)
    Fleet movement
    • A fleet with a land unit will no longer move over water
    • Fixed a rare problem causing gridcasts with an alignment very close to a construct’s rotation to miss
    Hologram projector
    • Hologram projector Hologram projectors now work correctly if they are spawned in a destroyed state and are then repaired
    • Impact damage can now travel between constructs
    • BUGS-3638 Lasers fired through non-AI, non-manual methods will keep aiming forward as they are rotated
    • Charge lasers will fire if either continuous or pulsed shot does more damage than the minimum damage set in the output regulator
    • Added functions to get the number of subconstructs and to get information for a specific subconstruct by index similar to the other APIs
    • Replaced outdated propulsion methods with new functions ‘AddPropulsionRequest’, ‘SetPropulsionRequest’ and ‘GetPropulsionRequest’
    • The docking station now uses the correct ids to identify friendly vehicles for all functions
    • Weapons fired by Lua can now hit missiles
    • BUGS-3632 Fixed L and H rail gantry missiles sometimes getting tangled in their gantry when being dropped as bombs
    • Separating or attaching a vehicle while the player is in a chair will no longer eject the player from the chair except for multiplayer clients
    • BUGS-3635 Fixed steam transmissions not their input’s RPM limit for their gear ratio in some cases, when loading
    • Changed render queues for smoke and shields to render properly in front of and behind glass.
    Video block
    • BUGS-3646 Playing local video is now working again
    • BUGS-3550 The suspension (spring, axle and block) are now displayed/hidden correctly when the setting is changed, when loading the BP, when repaired or placed as a prefab
    • Effective speed for wings is capped at the speed of the mainconstruct
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