Free Fire Max Release date, Download, and Registration Details


Today we have posted details regarding Free Fire Max download, release date, early access, and more. Google Play Store is now accepting pre-registrations. In case you’re not familiar with it, Free Fire Max is an upgraded version of Free Fire. This game will feature greater graphics quality, improved effects, and enhanced audio quality.

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When Free Fire Max will release?

There are currently some countries where the game is currently available to players. A Free Fire Max will be available in India on 28th of September, 2021.


Google Play Store users can pre-register to play Garena Free Fire Max.

How to pre-register for Free Fire Max

Follow the steps below.
  • On your Android device, go to Play Store.
  • On the search tab, enter Free Fire Max.
  • On the screen, tap the game when it appears. You will then be directed to the game page.
  • A preregistration button will be available to you. Touch it to get started.
  • When the stable build is ready, you will receive a notification.

Rewards for Pre-Registering

Here are the terms cited by Garena in the Google Play Store listing.

  • Rewards for pre-registration are only valid for users who register during the registration period.
  • Pre-registration rewards are limited to one per account.
  • Upon installation of the game, you will receive a pre-registration reward.
  • The offer is only valid for participating countries.
  • The offer is not valid for games not distributed by the developer or available for installation in countries.
  • Third-party websites cannot use the offer. There is also an age restriction.
  • You must have the same Google Account in the Play Store. If you open the game for the first time, you will use the same Gmail.

Garena Free Fire Max 4.0 System Requirement

Fre Fire Max 4.0 requires 1.5 GB of free storage. Moreover, it will work flawlessly on a mobile device that has 2GB of RAM and more.


Can Free Fire Max run on 2GB RAM?

The game requires 1.5 GB of free storage, which many people are unaware of. Moreover, it will work flawlessly on a mobile device that has 2GB of RAM and more.

How do I download Fire Max for free?

Pre-registration for the Free Fire Max will start on August 29th, 2021 in India. Thus, the game has not yet been officially launched.

Free Fire Max Download Size (Free Fire MaxAPK file)

The APK file for Free Fire Max is 1.03 GB. The APK download file size of Free Fire Max is visible on some devices while in the Google Play Store.

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