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Call Of Duty Warzone download links are now available for players. COD Warzone is a free to play battle royale game by Activision. COD Modern Warfare Warzone download links is now live on PS4, PC and Xbox One. Read full details about Warzone download links files size and more.

Warzone Battle Royale pits your squads in a quest to be the last team standing. Warzone takes place across the city of Verdansk. This map features more than 300 points of interests and a variety of landscapes. Players can explore Verdansk on five different vehicles – SUVs, Cargo Trucks, ATVs, Tactical Rovers, or Helicopters.

In Warzone Plunder, a respawn mode, players race to collect the most Cash which can be found across the map or gained by eliminating opponents or completing contracts, objective based tasks that reward Cash and other loot.

Plunder relies on exploring the map to find Cash and other useful items, like Killstreaks, strategizing to complete contracts, and being ready to take down or defend against other opponents.

Call of Duty Warzone download size details

COD warzone players can download the game which will replace the previously named ‘Classified’ panel in the Main Menu for COD Modern Warfare owners. COD warzone download size is around 18-22GB.

Call of Duty Warzone is free for everyone. However, Warzone download size is around 83GB -101GB.

Call Of Duty Warzone download links

Download COD Warzone (PC)

Download Call of  Duty Warzone (PS4)

Download Call of Duty Warzone (Xbox One)

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