Forza Motorsport Update 7.1 Patch Notes – April 19, 2024

Forza Motorsport update 7.1 is available to download on Xbox and PC. According to the official Forza Motorsport patch notes, the latest update addresses a crash caused by thumbnail regeneration for players who have a significant number of cars with unique liveries. Additionally, FM Motosport update 7.1 also resolves graphical issue on PC where DLSS options stopped functioning correctly.

Previously, a major update 1.0 was released with various gameplay changes. Unfortunately, many players were experiencing a number of issues when trying to play. Today’s Forza Motorsport patch 7.1 will fix a few of these issues.

Forza Motorsport Patch 7.1 Changelog – April 19, 2024

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Stability [All Platforms]

  • Car thumbnails are now generated sequentially to avoid a potential crash when generating too many thumbnails at once. This caused some players with a large number of cars with unique liveries to crash on launch if their thumbnails required regeneration.


  • Fixed an issue on PC that caused DLSS options to stop functioning correctly on NVIDIA graphics cards.

Download free Forza Motorsport update 7.1 on Xbox and Windows 10.

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