Fortnite Version 4.26 Patch Notes (Update 30.00)

Fortnite version 4.26 is rolling out on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and PC. According to the official Fortnite 30.00 patch notes, the latest Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 5 Season 3 update introduces a new wasteland biome, Nitro items, and vehicle mods. Battle the Wasteland Warriors, conquer new key locations, and customize your ride with the Wrecked Battle Pass. Besides, today’s Fortnite update 4.26 also includes fresh gameplay mechanics, weapons, and rewards.

Previously, a major Fortnite update 4.13 added quality-of-life improvements and fixes. Unfortunately, players are still facing several issues with the game. Today’s Fortnite update 4.26 will address a few of these issues.

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Fortnite 30.00 Patch Notes – May 24, 2024

Battle Royale Chapter 5 Season 3

New Biome

  • Wasteland: Created by a ferocious sandstorm in the south.
  • Wasteland Warriors: A band of marauders controlling the area. Fortnite Redline Rig

Key Locations

  • Redline Rig: Nitro refinery run by The Machinist. Fortnite Nitrodrome
  • Nitrodrome: Car spectacle arena managed by Ringmaster Scarr. Fortnite Brutal Beachhead
  • Brutal Beachhead: Base of operations for the Wasteland Warriors, led by Megalo Don.

Go Nitro

Nitro Items

  • Nitro Splash: Portable container to infuse cars or players with Nitro. Fortnite Nitro Splash and Nitro Barrel
  • Nitro Barrels: Explosive containers that Nitro-fy on contact. Fortnite Nitro Fists

Nitro-fied Car Benefits

  • Increased driving speed.
  • Explosive ramming power.
  • Decreased fuel consumption.
  • Buff to attack mods. Fortnite Machine Gun Turret

Nitro-fied Player Benefits

  • Increased movement speed.
  • Explosive bashing power.
  • Decreased stamina consumption.
  • Increased reload speed.
  • Fall damage immunity.

Pack a Punch with Nitro Fists

  • Nitro Fists: Perform a 3x punch combo, uppercut, or aerial punch.
  • Charges: Four charges, each recharging every eight seconds.

Fortify Your Ride

Vehicle Mods

  • Machine Gun Turret: Roof slot, passenger fires machine gun. Fortnite Behemoth
  • Grenade Launcher Turret: Roof slot, explodes on contact.
  • Spiked Bumper: Front bumper slot, deals more damage. Fortnite War Bus
  • Cow Catcher: Front bumper slot, boosts ramming power.
  • Bulletproof Tires: Tires slot, indestructible.
  • Chonkers Off-Road Tires: Tires slot, enhances off-road capabilities. Fortnite Boom Bolt

Furbish Your Ride

  • Car Customization: Convert SUVs and Sports Cars into equipped Car Bodies.
  • Behemoth Bundle: Includes Behemoth Car Body and various decals. Fortnite The Machinist

War Bus

  • War Bus: Hijackable vehicle with two cannons and EMP pulse horn.

Boom Bolt

  • Boom Bolt: Fast-firing crossbow shooting explosive bolts.

Wasteland Warrior Challenges

Fortnite Megalo Don


  • The Machinist’s Medallion: Regenerates Shield over time.
  • Ringmaster Scarr’s Medallion: Provides infinite ammo and a damage buff.
  • Megalo Don’s Medallion: Grants infinite Nitro.

Miscellaneous Additions

  • Nuka-Cola: Restores Health and Shield.
  • Slurp Cactus: Provides healing by splashing cactus fruit.
  • Unvaulted Weapons: Includes various shotguns, SMGs, DMRs, and pistols.
  • Mobile HUD Improvements: Enhanced visibility and combined buttons.

Wrecked Battle Pass

  • Battle Pass Rewards: Includes Outfits of the Wasteland Warriors and other characters.
  • Level Up Rewards: Up to 1,500 V-Bucks back.

Tournament Notes

  • Excluded Features: Bulletproof Tires, Chonkers Off-Road Tires, Cow Catchers, and more.

Download free Fortnite update 4.26 for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

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