Fortnite 3.20 Patch Notes [Fortnite Update Version 3.20] – June 22, 2021


Fortnite update 3.20 patch notes released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC players. According to Fortnite 3.20 patch notes, the new patch update added gameplay optimizations, balancing, and changes. Apart from this, Fortnite version 3.20 also includes stability and performance improvements.

Previously, a major update added new features and quality of life changes. Recently, a minor hotfix was also released.

Unfortunately, players are still facing several issues while playing the game online. Today’s Fortnite patch 3.20 will fix a few of these problems.


Fortnite 3.20 Patch Notes

General Fixes

Fixed an issue where item Shop update notice not clearing.

Battle Royale

Fixed an issue where the player takes damage through cars while in motion.

Addressed ability to change loot pools in Battle Lab issue.


Fixed an issue where the character Collection Book incompletable due to missing entries.

Fixed an issue where Saucers may become inoperable if a beamed-up object falls on it.

Addressed an issue related to Bunnywolf and Llion Sets.


Save The World

Fixed an issue where One-handed Pickaxes continue to perform extra swings.

Fixed an issue where melee hits aren’t registering on Melee Weapons for PC.

Addressed a bug where Saurian Vigor perk stops working after respawn


Mobile (Switch)

Fixed an issue where no indicator on mobile/Nintendo Switch for the Saucer boost cooldown and charges.

Fixed an issue where Saurian Vigor perk stops working after respawn

Download free Fortnite patch 3.20 for Sony PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.