Fortnite Update 4.23 Patch Notes (PS5 Version 1.000.035)

Epic Fortnite update 4.23 (1.000.135) is rolling out on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and PC. According to the official Fortnite 4.23 patch notes, the latest update adds Billie Eilish as the Icon of Fortnite Festival Season 3. Besides, today’s Fortnite version 4.23 also includes various tweaks and changes and Lego Fortnite and battle royale.

Previously, a major Fortnite update 4.21 added neon-themed metropolitan raceways and allowing creators to make their own tracks using Unreal Editor for Fortnite. Unfortunately, players are still facing several issues with the game. Today’s Fortnite version 4.23 will address a few of these issues.

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Fortnite 4.23 Patch Notes (1.000.035) – April 23, 2024

Fortnite version 4.23 Patch Notes (PS5 Version 1.000.035)

Fortnite Festival Season 3

Season 3 is live now and will rock on until June 13, 2024, at 12 AM ET. Dive into the rhythm to unlock a plethora of new Instruments, Jam Tracks, and other enticing items in the Festival Pass.

Keep an Ear to the Festival Pass Tab

Navigate your way through Season 3’s festivities by visiting the Festival Pass section in the Lobby. Here, you’ll embark on Festival Quests and elevate your Festival Pass experience.

Season 3 Festival Pass

Level up your performance and amass a collection of rewards by completing Festival Quests, earning Festival Points, and unlocking exciting rewards along the way.

Free Reward Track: Groove to the beat with the Lavatronik Bass and unlock four Jam Tracks to rock the stage.

Premium Reward Track: Elevate your Festival experience with additional rewards, including the exclusive Green Roots Billie Outfit and the music-reactive Ultraviolet Style.

Season 3 Festival Pass

Billie Eilish Items in the Shop

Jam to the tunes of Billie Eilish with her iconic hits available as Jam Tracks in the Shop until the end of Season 3.

Rock Out with Guitar Controllers

Unleash your inner rockstar with Pro Lead and Pro Bass song parts using Rock Band 4 guitar controllers on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Fortnite Festival Season 3 Content Creation

Content creators in the Support-A-Creator program can now host VOD content on YouTube featuring selected Jam Tracks and monetize their creations.

Important Information for Content Creators

  • Ensure to link your YouTube and Support-A-Creator accounts for monetization eligibility.
  • Upload content as Unlisted or Public to avoid potential monetization claims.
  • Stay updated on the selection of featured Jam Tracks for content creation opportunities.

Twitch Streaming Advisory

For Twitch creators, be aware of potential copyright flags when streaming Fortnite Festival content. Consider disabling VODs/clips to mitigate copyright concerns.



  • Added two new song parts: Pro Lead and Pro Bass! All current and future Jam Tracks now have these two playable song parts, accessible on the Main Stage with a guitar controller.
    • Pro Lead and Pro Bass have hammer-on and pull-off notes. When you have a streak going, you can hit these notes without strumming!
    • Pro Lead and Pro Bass have colored notes for each lane, corresponding with the guitar controller’s buttons.
    • Leaderboards now have new listings to support Pro Lead and Pro Bass scores. Climb to the top!
  • To support the release of Pro Lead and Pro Bass, we’ve updated the Overdrive color for all song parts from bright orange to silver-white. How you gather and activate Overdrive hasn’t changed, but we felt with the added note colors that Overdrive needed to appear more distinct.
  • For now, the whammy bar only provides a visual effect. There is no audio distortion or extra Overdrive energy when whammying.
  • We’re continuing to improve the feel of playing with a guitar controller and want your feedback! For rhythm-rocking veterans, there may be situations where you miss a note you’d expected to hit, or where a familiar Jam Track feels different. Let us know your thoughts as you don the axe in Fortnite Festival. We’re excited to see you shred!

Fortnite Festival


  • The Music Library now shows an expanded set of stats, showing your selected Instrument type’s best performance in each Jam Track row.
  • The Music Library is now also ordered with new and featured Jam Tracks at the top by default (this can be re-sorted), allowing players with large libraries to easily access Quest-relevant Jam Tracks.
  • New Wristband Quests and rewards have been added.
  • Season 2 leaderboard scores have been recorded and archived. The leaderboards await your new top performances with Season 3!
  • For more convenient song selection, you’ll be closer to the organ when you arrive Backstage. No more sprinting to make your setlist!
  • There are more stats on the Results screen after each performance. You can now see the percentage of notes hit and missed and the average from your other performances to see how you’ve improved.
  • We’ve reordered the song parts selection menu to Vocals > Bass > Lead > Drums.
  • We fixed a bug that was granting a “Double Overdrive” meter during certain note sections.
  • Made various other fixes and improvements.


LEGO Fortnite FarmFriends

LEGO Fortnite FarmFriends

Expand your Village’s community with the Farm Friends update, boosting the recruitment cap to ten per Village. Embrace the company of cows, sheep, chickens, and the newest addition, pigs!

LEGO Fortnite FeedingPigs


  1. Build an Animal House: Construct a cozy haven for wild animals to earn their trust.
  2. A Friend with Feed is a Friend Indeed: Win over animals with affection and treats.
  3. Be the Shepherd: Safely guide animals back to your Village for a peaceful coexistence.
  4. Assign Animals to Animal Houses and Keep Them Happy: Provide shelter, sustenance, and entertainment to ensure their contentment.

LEGO Fortnite FeedingPigs


Nurture your animals to yield valuable resources:

  • Chickens: Feathers and Fertilizer
  • Cows: Milk and Fertilizer
  • Sheep: Wool and Fertilizer
  • Pigs: Mushrooms and Fertilizer


Welcome five new Villagers to enrich your community with their unique talents and personalities.

LEGO Fortnite AnimalGivingHearts


While Farm Friends is about fostering new connections, be cautious of bears lurking in the wild. Avoid their company, or you’ll regret inviting them back to your Village.


Discover vibrant new variants of chickens and cows as you explore the wilderness.


Indulge in organized chaos with the Anarchy Acres Bundle, featuring a Fully Furnished Farm LEGO Kit and Farmer’s Favorites Decor Bundle.


VILLAGE SQUARE IMPROVEMENTS: Experience an enhanced Village Square UI to manage your community with ease.

GRAZE UPON THESE BUG FIXES: Benefit from various fixes addressing gameplay issues for smoother adventures.

The Village Square UI has been revamped to help you keep a close eye on your Villages:

  • Monitor who lives in your Village, the backstories of your Villagers, and the happiness of your animals. You can also view the jobs of Villagers and even ask them to leave.
  • You can see who’s visiting your Village, which jobs are assigned, the biome you’re in, and your Village’s upgrade requirements. You can also edit your Village banner and rename your Village from a selection of names.

(Another Village improvement: you can now choose from a selection of names when first setting up your Village.)


  • Fixed an issue where stamina would sometimes become enabled in worlds where stamina was turned off.
  • Fixed an issue where saplings couldn’t be destroyed if they were growing near other objects.
  • Fixed an issue where swords would sometimes stop doing damage.
  • Fixed an issue where the first attack from swords would sometimes miss.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some Pickaxes to stop doing damage to certain objects.
  • Villagers no longer pester players when players are regenerating Health.
  • Starting a sneak while sprinting no longer makes players stuck in sprinting.

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