Fortnite Update 16.30 Patch Notes for PS4, PC, and Xbox


Fortnite update 16.30 is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players. According to the official Fortnite 16.30 patch notes, the latest update brings new changes, a new LTM mode, new weapons, and more. Apart from this, Fortnite version 16.30 also includes stability and performance improvements.

Previously, a big update added balancing changes, new cosmetics, limited-time modes, and more.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, many players are experiencing a number of issues while trying to play the game online. Today’s Fortnite version 16.30 will address these issues. Check out more details below.


Fortnite 16.30 Patch Notes


  • Help Jonesy The First take on Raz.
  • Keep ‘em guessing with a new Exotic Bow.
  • Added a new LTM this weekend: The Floor Restores.
  • Added the remaining Primal weapons, Makeshift weapons, & Bows added to Creative.

Inventory improvements:

You can now hold the Inventory button with a Craftable item in hand to jump right to the Crafting tab and hit Accept. No more navigating menus in a gunfight!

Inspecting an item will now show exact numerical values for stats like damage and fire rate.

Bug Fixes

General Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where players cannot create system-level parties between PS5 and PS4 when playing Fortnite.

Battle Royale

Players receiving a Quest from Jonesy The First that does not grant rewards. This issue is now fixed

Fixed a bug where storm visual effects appearing outside of the Storm.


Fixed a bug where the “Recent Islands” list does not update.

Addressed an issue where flag does not respawn when flag carrier leaves the game.

Fixed an issue where the “Allow Spectate Other Teams” setting not working.

Save The World

Addressed a bug where The “Bad Clams” / “Destroy Fungus” quest in Scurvy Shoals have a low spawn objective rate.

Download free Fortnite patch 16.30 on Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.