Patch Notes

[Fixed] PS5 Error Code WS-116367-4 Issue

PlayStation 5 is now available worldwide. Unfortunately, players are receiving PS5 error WS-116367-4 with the message “Your account has been suspended“, while starting the game. If you are also facing PS5 WS-116367-4 error code issue, here is a couple of fixes you can try.


Please follow the steps below:

How to Fix PS5 error WS-116367-4

According to Sony, there are various reasons where PlayStation 5 would show the message “Your account has been suspended”. The account might be suspended due to reasons such as violation of the terms of service. However, there some other reasons also.


Follow the below steps.

Restart your PlayStation 5 and try to login again.

Restart your internet connection.

Check DNS setting in the router.

A future update will fix the PS5 error code WS-116367-4 issue.