Patch Notes

[Fixed] PS5 Error Code WS-116332-6 Issue

PlayStation 5 is now available worldwide. Unfortunately, players are receiving PS5 error WS-116332-6 and they are unable to access the PSN. If you are also facing PS5 WS-116332-6 error code issue, here is a couple of fixes you can try.


Please follow the steps below:

How to Fix PS5 error WS-116332-6

Players are unable to access the PSN on PS5, as it is prohibited due to reasons such as violation of the terms of service.


Some players who have redeemed the PS Plus Collection several times on PS5 have been banned from PlayStation Network.

“Access to PlayStation Network for this account has been temporarily suspended due to policy violations. An email with more details will be sent to the email address for this account. Please also refer to the PlayStation Network Terms of Service and User Agreement.”

There are already cases where people claim the PlayStation Plus Collection multiple times. When there are more than 50 different accounts logged in to a console, and makes purchases from the PS store of other regions, the PS5 will detect and determine it as being hacked.

The account will be banned for 2 months, while the console will be permanently banned.

If it is not prohibited, you might be unable to access the server temporarily.

  1. Please check the game server at the developer’s game website and the PSN status page.
  2. There is a possibility of temporary network congestion, so please try again later.

A future update will fix the PS5 error code WS-116332-6 issue.