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[Fixed] PS4 Error Code CE-34452-8 Issue [NEW]


A few PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 owners are currently reporting error code CE-34452-8. Players are unable to download the game update or data. Some players are also reporting crashes with error CE 34452 8. Read how to fix error code CE-34452-8 on PS5 and PS4 here.

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What is Error Code CE-34452-8?

This error occurs when PlayStation fails to download game update. Some times game crashes with the following error.


“Downloaded data may be corrupted.” Error Code CE-34452-8

How to Fix Error Code CE-34452-8?

Delete the contents of the home screen and restart the system. Then download the Library content again.

Check your network configuration well. Try connecting to a different network if the problem persists or select a static IP or change your DNS server.

If the error continues, it could be because the network is busy, try to try again later. If the error reappears after waiting, go to [Settings]> [Initialization]> [Initialize PS4]> [Quick] to initialize the system.

A future console firmware update will fix the PS4 and PS5 error code CE-34452-8 issue.