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[FIXED] Nintendo Switch Error Code 2123-1502 and 2123-0301


Players are currently reporting Nintendo Switch error code 2123-1502. Some players also reporting error code 2123-0301 and 2123-1516.  Most of these issues start to appear after the recently released Nintendo Switch update version 12.03. We have posted some workarounds and fixes for this problem. Check out the full details below.

What is Switch Error Code 2123-1502 and 2123-0301?

The Switch error code 2123-1502 occurs when connecting to the Internet, downloading software, or launching downloadable software. This is an internet connection-related issue. Switch error code 2123-1502 in Fortnite and other game.

How to fix Switch Error Code 2123-1502 and 2123-0301?

1. Attempt the Download Again

  1. Select OK to close the error message.
  2. A message indicating that the download stopped because an error has occurred may appear. Select Continue to attempt the download again.
  3. If the same error code appears again, please try continuing the download a few more times.
  4. When the message “Downloading data…” appears, the download should complete normally.

2. Restart the Nintendo Switch console.

To restart the console, press the POWER Button for three seconds, and then select Power Options, followed by Turn Off. When the console has turned off, press the POWER button to turn it back on again.


3. Clear the cache on the Nintendo Switch console.

  1. Select System Settings from the HOME Menu.
  2. Scroll down and select System.
  3. Scroll down again, and select Formatting Options.
  4. Select Reset Cache.
  5. Select the user that you wish to clear cached data for, and then select Reset to confirm.
    • This will delete saved IDs, passwords, cookies, history, and other cached website data. It will not affect the user’s downloaded games or game save data.

4. Test your Internet connection

Test your Internet connection to ensure that your Nintendo Switch is still connected to the Internet.

5. Create a new Internet connection.

Set up a new Internet connection, ensuring that you are attempting to connect to the correct network, and that you are receiving a strong wireless signal from the network.

6. Manually enter an alternate DNS.

Follow the steps below to change your Wifi router DNS settings.




google DNS



  • Connect to the Internet at a different location or access point.

7. Check Switch IP:

  • Start the console.
  • Go to the main menu, go to Settings > Network > View Connection Status.
  • Locate both IP and MAC addresses and note them down for future reference.

8. Set Static IP

  1. Open any web browser or Wifi router settings. Enter the IP address provided by your ISP.
  2. Now, log-in using your username and password into the internet portal.
  3. Navigate to Settings > Enable Manual Assignment option.
  4. Under the ‘Manual Assignment’ option, add both IP and MAC addresses > Select Add.

9. Enable Port Forwarding Setting in Wifi Router

  1. When you logged into IP address, search for the Port Forwarding section (Some times on Advanced Settings).
  2. In port forwarding setting, just enter the range of ports you want to open in Start and End / Internal and External.
  • Furthermore, input the created Static IP for the console and choose Enable or OK.
  • Then restart the console as well as the Wi-Fi router to apply all changes.

The game developer will release a fix to address Nintendo Switch error code 2123-1502,  2123-0301, and 2123-1516.

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