[Fixed] GTA Online Profile is Not Eligible for Migration Error

Grand Theft Auto 5 Enhanced and Enhanced edition is now available to download. The latest GTA 5 upgraded version brings tons of new content, changes, and improvements. Rockstar is also allowing players to transfer their accounts to carry on the progress to the next-gen version of the game. Unfortunetly, some players are receiving a Grand Theft Online error message saying that their GTA Online profile is not eligible for migration at this time.

Today we have posted some details on why you are getting Grand Theft Online migration errors and how to avoid them.

Why my GTA Online profile is not eligible for migration?

Players may receive this error message for several reasons including, but not limited to:

  • Your GTA Online profile is banned or suspended and is not eligible for migration.
  • The GTA Online profile has already been migrated.
  • Illegitimate progress was detected on the GTA Online profile.
  • There is insufficient progress on the GTAO Online profile.

Note: The GTA Online profile associated with this Rockstar Games Social Club account is not eligible for migration at this time.

How to fix Grand Theft Online Save Migration Error?

To address this issue, make sure that your current GTA Online account isn’t suspended or banned. Also, do not transfer accounts that have used exploits, hacks, or third-party app.

If you have used GTA exploits in the past, it is highly recommended that you create a new account for the next-gen versions of GTA Online. This will not affect your current-gen account stats.

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Jack Johnson
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