[FIXED] Cannot Download CE-107939-9 Error Code on PS5 [NEW]

Some players are currently facing the PS5 error code CE-107939-9 issue. According to reports, the error code CE-107939-9 in PS5 shows up when a user try to download the digital game. When users attempt to install these games from the PlayStation Store, they see the error code “cannot download ce-107939-9″.

We have posted a few tips and tricks to fix this issue.

What is PS5 error CE-107939-9 code?

The error CE 107939 9 message refers to the issue when your console cannot download the game files. Players are facing this issue with various game which includes Call of Duty Cold War, Warzone, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and more.

You will see is a black screen with the following error message:

cannot download (CE-107939-9)

There’s also only an OK button below the error code.

How to fix Cannot Download CE-107939-9 in PS5?

Game Download with PlayStation app

If you’re getting the PS5 error code CE-107939-9, consider downloading the official PlayStation app from either the Google or Apple app stores.

  1. Now, link your PSN profile with the app, and navigate through the store to find the game you intend to download to your console.
  2. Now, press the ‘Download To Console’ option to remotely begin installation on your PS5.

You shouldn’t face the same error code this way.

This has been our guide on how to deal with the PS5 CE-107939-9 Error Code.

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Jack Johnson
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