Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach Update 1.05 Patch Notes – Official

Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach update 1.05 released on PS4 and PC. According to the official FNAF SB patch notes, the latest update added various new changes and adjustments to the game. Apart from this, Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach patch 1.05 also includes a long list of bug fixes.

Previously, a big update added a new loading screen on the console and various tweaks. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing a number of issues while playing the game.

Today’s Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach version 1.05 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

FNAF SB Update 1.05 Patch Notes – February 28, 2022


  • Added a Save Station that can only be used in Overtime located on the 2nd floor of the Atrium
  • Added a limit of 50 for manual saves
  • Adjusted all cinematic cameras to receive current Gamma and Brightness settings
  • Added the skip function to most major cinematics
  • Added color coding to the Daycare Generators’ wires similar to Parts & Service
  • Added in a Loading Screen when you start/load in a game, enter/exit arcades, or have a longer loading time between areas
  • Added in Comedy Bot’s comedic routine
  • Added in a Fazwatch camera instruction card in the Lobby to further encourage using cameras to plan routes through obstacles
  • Added in new message icon art for when players pickup message bags
  • Reduced S.T.A.F.F. bots’ and Animatronics’ stun length when hit with the Fazerblaster and adjusted the Fazerblaster’s cooldown
  • Added in new spotlight and signage for the trash compactor in the Kitchen
  • Added in new Atrium signage for Loading Dock Bathrooms
  • Added in new ‘No Chica’ signs added to the gates that require her voice box to open
  • Added in more hiding spots in the Lobby
  • Adjusted Burntrap’s Boss Battle to be more balanced
  • Adjusted light radius on all S.T.A.F.F. Bots be more performant
  • Adjusted and optimized the Faz Watch to be more performant
  • Adjusted the conveyor belt speed in Princess Quest 3
  • Added in DLSS and Ray-tracing as separate options in the Video Menu settings

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed a bug where the ‘TROPHY TIME’ achievement would not unlock after acquiring all other achievements on Steam
  • Minor reduction in overall on-disk size
  • Removed the ‘Damaged Head’ item during Overtime that caused story time to revert back to 5AM with all save stations available.
  • Addressed a bug where exiting the Upgrade Console before selecting an upgrade will disable all Save Stations
  • Addressed a bug where entering Chica’s recharge station too quickly after receiving the Party Pass resulted in a hard lock
  • Addressed a bug where jumping and quickly hiding would unload the level
  • Addressed a bug where starting a Parts and Service upgrade while controlling Freddy caused a black screen
  • Addressed a bug where repeatedly entering and exiting any hiding spot caused the player to get stuck
  • Addressed a bug where you could not get caught by Chica if you went the wrong way in “Get Out”
  • Removed Chica’s guitar riff audio after you come back to Rockstar Row
  • Addressed a bug where the ‘Use the Prize Counter elevator’ appears despite choosing the Loading Dock route
  • Fixed the hour indicator after completing the Daycare Mission and leaving the recharge station in Parts and Service
  • Fixed the “Misc” category in the Inventory Menu
  • Addressed a bug where the Kitchen Office door did not close upon entering
  • Fix an issue where the Burntrap Boss Battle’s flame traps did not work
  • Fixed pathing for Roxy’s and Monty’s AI during the Prize Counter Office game.
  • Addressed a bug where the level could unload when Sun catches and returns the player to their initial position
  • Fixed a soft lock when quitting to the Main Menu during the cutscene when Moon drags Freddy away
  • Addressed a bug where the ‘SHATTERED DREAMS’ trophy does not unlock after shattering Chica in Overtime.
  • Adjusted all message bags’ interactions to always be collectible
  • Addressed a bug where triggering the Sun and Moon transformation cinematic while closing the flashlight instruction card softlocks the game
  • Fixed performance issues while using the Fazwatch in the Mazercise control room
  • Addressed a bug where Freddy would not enter the recharge station if he was at low power and was not hacked during the Burntrap Boss Battle
  • Adjust the Backstage Office game so that the door buttons are only accessible to players once the dialogue and/or sequence are completed
  • Addressed a bug where Freddy would not go to the recharge station if the player controls Freddy at low power
  • Addressed a bug where players could repeat the Backstage Office Game after completing it the first time
  • Addressed a bug where Shattered Roxy would slowly shuffle towards the players if they used the noisemakers in the fire maze
  • Addressed a bug where end game credits could not be paused when the player pauses the game
  • Addressed a bug where higher level security doors could be bypassed by entering/exiting Freddy
  • Removed the debug menu in Monty’s Mini Golf so it is no longer accessible to players
  • Addressed a bug where Chica would not path to the bathroom after completing the Loading Dock route
  • Addressed a bug where AIs spawned right next to the player upon hitting ‘Retry’
  • Fixed collisions in Kitchen, Backstage, Daycare, Monty’s Gator Golf and Rockstar Row
  • Addressed a bug where Freddy does not despawn during Chica’s Boss Battle intro cinematic
  • Addressed a bug where Freddy’s static reflection would stay facing forward in the mirror after the initial cutscene
  • Addressed a bug where Moon’s end-of-the-hour hunt does not activate after the Voice Box Upgrade if the player left Parts and Service during the Freddy/Gregory dialogue
  • Players can no longer skip the wire-connecting memory game portion during the Ocular Upgrade
  • The ‘Retro CD’ and ‘All’ subcategories in the Inventory Menu can now be accessed with a controller
  • Fixed egregiously misaligned walls and carpets in Rockstar Row.
  • Fixed level loading issues in Kitchen room levels
  • Addressed a bug where Shattered Chica could speak despite completing the Kitchen Office game after shattering her
  • Fixed a graphical corrupt texture that pops in outside of the Prize Counter Office
  • Addressed a bug where choosing to ‘Stay’ did not mark the already-completed Loading Dock objectives as completed
  • Addressed a bug where Glamrock Roxy will patrol Prize Counter instead of Shattered Roxy after completing the Prize Counter office game
  • Addressed a bug where DJ Music Man’s jumpscare would fade to black mid animation
  • Addressed a bug where all of the “H”s in the cipher messages were incorrectly replaced with “N”s
  • Fixed Monty’s patrol path during the West Arcade mission
  • Addressed a bug where the mouse cursor was visible during the opening cinematic
  • Addressed a bug where the audio slider’s position didn’t accurately reflect first time launch settings
  • Addressed a bug where the in-game timer does not accurately reflect play time
  • Fixed the duplicated Fazwatch CAM feed in the Kitchen Syrup Vat room
  • Fixed Monty Gates with better collision and physics
  • Fixed vent collision and level streaming issues leading into Monty’s Boss Battle
  • Fixed collisions around the Atrium’s Party Check-Ins
  • Addressed a bug where the “Survive until Freddy shuts down the alarm” objective does not get marked complete after finishing the Prize Counter office game
  • Addressed a bug where the Prize Counter Office cameras did not appear on the Fazwatch during the Prize Counter office game.
  • Fixed instruction card disappearance when pausing the game
  • Fixed visual overlap when players switch between items too quickly
  • Fixed issue where players could leave the security area without collecting the flashlight in Daycare
  • Adjusted wall collisions in Fazer Blast’s play area
  • Adjusted camera and clothing display in the Inventory Menu.
  • Addressed a bug where S.T.A.F.F. Bots in the Laundry Room could discover the player inside hiding spots
  • Addressed a bug where Moon’s jumpscare did not appear when controlling Freddy
  • Addressed a bug where the player could skip the Vanny at the fountain cutscene by exiting Freddy outside the turnstiles
  • Addressed a bug where players could get stuck at the bottom of the screen in Princess Quest 3
  • Addressed a bug where closing the flashlight recharge instruction card required players to double click on buttons for Parts and Service minigame
  • Addressed a bug where Freddy could be glitched into the Monty’s Boss Battle
  • Addressed a bug where Monty could jumpscare players during the Chica appearance in the “Get Out” chase sequence
  • Adjusted collisions, texture resolution, egregious LODs, and light bakes in Sewers
  • Addressed a bug where the ending cinematic did not properly play when you completed Princess Quest 3
  • Adjusted collisions between player and Mazercise’s controls panels
  • Addressed a bug where two Chicas would spawn by playing the Kitchen Office Game at 4 AM
  • Fixed clipping issues on the door leading into the Crash Cam Observation Deck
  • Addressed a bug where the Main Pizzaplex entrance closed as the player reloads their autosave
  • Addressed a bug where a S.T.A.F.F. bot teleported behind the Monty Golf sign in Atrium
  • Addressed a bug where Freddy could be called and could jump scare the player during credits
  • Addressed a bug where Freddy was missing after retrying in the Parts and Service minigame
  • Addressed a bug where the “Let There Be Light” objective texts were missing
  • Addressed a bug where the flashlight power runs out during the credits
  • Addressed a bug where you can hear Prize Counter music during the Prize Counter ending credits
  • Addressed a bug where Sun’s VO would play behind the Daycare Security Desk during “Let There Be Light” mission
  • Addressed a bug where the Party Pass instruction card interrupts Freddy’s dialogue if the player chooses to stay
  • Addressed a bug where a button on the Mazercise Control Panel had no functionality
  • Removed the interact wireframe in front of Chica’s Feeding Frenzy Arcade Cabinet
  • Removed ‘Force Restart’ UI when restoring default video settings
  • Fixed Balloon World’s tiling issue disappearance
  • Removed the Fazwatch interface while playing Monty’s Mini Golf
  • Fixed gamepad interaction with the Main Menu and Options Menu
  • Addressed a bug where remapped controls did not apply after relaunching the application on console
  • Addressed a bug where you can skip holes using brackets, “[“ or ‘]”, in Monty’s Mini Golf
  • Addressed a bug where pressing <SPACEBAR> while climbing into Freddy unloaded the level


  • French (FR) text for “Delete File” no longer bleeds off-screen
  • French (FR) text for “Apply Changes” and “Restore Defaults” no longer overlap each other
  • Fixed missing Freddy subtitles during Showtime

Download free FNAF SB patch 1.05 on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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