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Five Nations Update 1.0.4 Patch Notes – August 25, 2021


Five Nations update 1.0.4 (August 25, 2021) released on PC (Steam). According to the official Five Nations patch notes, the latest major update added new spells, new AI logics, auto casting, and much more. Today’s Five Nations patch 1.0.4 also includes various bug fixes.

Previously, a big update was released with various bug fixes and changes. Unfortunately, since the release, players are facing several issues.

Five Nations patch 1.0.4 will fix a few of these issues. Read more details below.


Five Nations Patch Notes (August 25, 2021)

New features

– subgroups in unit selection can be changed by TAB so that spells and abilities can be used without changing the unit selection
– auto-casting by right clicking on some of the spell buttons
– smart spell caster selection: when multiple units are selected only one unit casts the spell
– the redesigned HUD does not hides the right hand side of the map (the player can slightly scroll out of the map)
– the current unit selection saved when saving the game
– the AI uses more spells (eg. assimilation, restoration, exploratory bay, …)
– EMP effect, Teredo swarm, Tractor system and Zhogarn Overseer’s sticky phlegm reveals the cloaked entities until the effect is active
– Zhogarn units seem to be more alive by turning around while idling

New content


– translation of the interface and subtitles to Chinese, Hungarian, Korean and Russian
– new loading screens
– +1 additional music / faction

Bug fixes

– the AI still controls the assimilated units
– not all selection circles are displayed when selecting more than 24 units
– selection indicators do not display on some units in the group of over 24.
– weapons – with ignore armor ability – do not properly affect entities with shield
– multiselected buildings under construction can produce units
– playing menu music causes the game to crash

Balancing and config


– more effective carriers – fighters controlled by the carriers suffers 50% less damage – Charybdis’ Spikeworm excluded
– Projectiles do not collide with Special type units like Leech mine, Moored mine, Spawn, Ovum, Explorer, etc. if the Special type unit is not selected as a target.



– Clairvoyant -40 Shield
– Clairvoyant’s neutron torpedo -15 damage to Shield
– Clairvoyant’s lost her Sensor ability
– Clairvoyant’s costs +50 Helium-3
– Explorers are now constructed at the Cabal instead at the Central Pyramid
– Gathering are now constructed at the Haven instead at the Cabal and need no additional tech station
– Theocrat construction time decreased to 45
– Flanker’s Warp ray weapon -2 damage against fighters, cooldown is increased from 75 to 100
– Harbinger in “Stealth mode” gains regeneration


– Joseon gains the EMP Strike spell
– St. George attack range -40
– Joseon construction time decreased to 45
– Deep Space Lab. now costs 100 Metal, 250 Energy and 200 Tachyon
– Fusion Reactor now costs 100 Energy instead of 250



– Eclipse attack range -40
– Absorber gained Weapon
– Mask gained a new ability to Blind the enemies
– Assimilator construction time decreased to 45
– Mask now constructed at the Drone Facility instead of the Automaton Plant
– Caldron now constructed at the Automaton Plant instead of the Drone Facility
– Eclipse now unlocked by the Quantum Core
– Shade production do not need Quantum Core
– Nano Probes research is now migrated to Defensive Server
– Intelligence research is now migrated to Array


– The construction of the Senate now requires only Hall
– Flagship attack range -40
– Assault Predator upgrade is now migrated to the Anvil
– Assault Marauder costs -50 metal
– Extractors are now constructed at the Material Silo instead at the Capitol
– Raider gained +20 speed
– Grinders require Anvil to produce
– Havocs don’t require Anvil to produce
– Havoc lose the ability to attack Fighters
– Foundry -50 Metal
– Welder and Extractor construction time -2 sec
– Breaker construction time decreased to 45
– Devastator upgrades are now migrated to Senate from the Skycourt
– Skycourt costs 150 Tachyon instead of 200 Helium-3
– HET Thruster research now costs 150 Helium-3 instead of 150 Tachyon
– Vanguard now constructed at the Foundry instead of the Siege Yard
– Corsair now constructed at the Siege Yard instead of the Hall


– Decay construction time decreased to 30
– Ruptor construction time decreased to 30
– Elasmoruptor construction time decreased to 30
– Alpha gains +10 speed and need 30 Metal, 50 Energy less for production
– Spawn creation time -4 sec
– Charybdis attack range -40
– Venator initial damage to hull -6 with +1 / level


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