Patch Notes

Fishing Planet Update 3.14 Patch Notes (PS4)


Fishing Planet update 3.14 is now rolling out PS4 players. According to the Fishing Planet 3.14 patch notes, the latest update brings fixes for crashing, freezing, and lag issues. Apart from this, the Fishing Planet version 3.14 also includes performance and stability improvements.

Previously, a big update was released with Independence Treasure Hunt! event and gameplay changes. Unfortunately, since the last patch, many players were experiencing several issues when trying to play the game. The new patch is expected to fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

Fishing Planet Update 3.14 Patch Notes

The Fisherman – Fishing Planet content: (PC)

  • 143 species of fish with realistic behavior
  • 19 beautiful water locations with authentic backgrounds and vegetation
  • Thousands of tackle combinations possible, each with unique properties
  • Dynamic weather with a day/night cycle and different seasons
  • Online competitions playable solo or co-op, with trophies and ranking system

Including exclusive contents:

  • 1 new waterway: La Creuse, in France
  • 1 new fishing technique: trolling
  • 4 new fish species to catch:
  • Common Nase – La Creuse, France
  • European Weatherfish – Lesní Víla Fishery, Czech Republic
  • Sterlet – Akhtouba River, Russia
  • Spotted Gar – Mudwater River, Missouri, USA
  • 2 new motorboats:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crashing issues.
  • Added fixes for stuttering/lag issues.
  • Added stability improvements.
  • Other minor under the hood changes.

Fishing Planet update 3.14 for PS4 is now available for download.