Fisher Online Update 67 Patch Notes – December 7, 2021

Fisher Online update 67 (December 4, 2021) is now available to download on PC. According to the official Fisher Online patch notes, the latest update various bug fixes and gameplay changes.


Previously, a major update added various quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are still experiencing issues since last major patch.

Today’s Fisher Online patch 67 will address a few of these errors. Read more details below.


Fisher Online Patch Notes – December 7, 2021


A lot of work has been done to reduce the load on the video card, in this regard, all smoothing modes have been removed, except for one set by default. All VSYNC modes have been removed, a new “intelligent” system has been deployed instead to support a comfortable number of FPS without overloading your graphics card. The system interacts with both NVidia’s G-Sync system and

with FreeSync from AMD. On older video cards that do not support these technologies, the system will try to produce the highest FPS. Please also take into account that if you have the “Maximum performance” option installed in your graphics card settings, then the system will not work correctly. It is better not to use this option of overclocking the video card, it can lead to overheating and premature aging of your hardware.


  • Added search for a point on the map by coordinates
  • Added grouping by addressees in the mail window
  • A list of your friends’ contacts has been added to the player search
  • Changing the color scheme and design of the interface
  • By popular demand, the old smartphone interface has been returned


  • Fixed inability to invest a club skill point
  • Fixed the inability to pick up an item from the mail at low resolutions
  • Fixed water traces of bait in the air
  • Correction of smartphone icon irregularities

Download free Industria update 67 for PC.