Final Fantasy VI Update 1.0.6 Patch Notes (FF6 1.0.6)


A new Final Fantasy VI update 1.0.6 is available to download on PC (Steam) players. According to the official FFV patch notes, the latest update added various tweaks, changes, and gameplay fixes.

Previously, a major update was released with quality of life improvements and changes. Unfortunately, since the last update, many players were experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game online.

Today’s Final Fantasy VI patch 1.0.6 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.


Final Fantasy 6 Update 1.0.6 Patch Notes – July 5, 2022

Alterations relating to battles
The following improvements have been made to adjust the overall balancing of magicite and the bonuses that improve specific statuses when levelling up while magicite is equipped.
・Quetzalli None -> +1 Speed
・Odin +1 Speed -> +2 Speed
Changes have been made so that “Rage”, “Control” and “Roulette” now only target the enemy side.
Changes have been made so that when “Sap” is automatically triggered by equipment, it will be cancelled out by “Regen” and when “Regen” is triggered it will be cancelled out by “Sap”.
The chance of stealing a rare item from monsters that can have two different item types stolen has been increased.
Slight adjustments have been made to the area of effect for magic and abilities used by some monsters.
The tempo when making repeated attacks in battle has been made faster.
The time taken when transitioning between screens after escaping from battle has been reduced.
An extra sequence has been added when wiped out in battle.
*The area to which the adjustable message display speed in the “battle message” settings section of the config. menu is applied has been expanded.

■ Alterations relating to maps and events
Changes have been made so that information about accessory shops, chocobo stables and inns is shown in the location information section on the world map screen.
Changes have been made so that the mini map is immediately displayed in the top right of the screen after moving to a new map.
The default cursor position when selecting to stay at an inn has been changed to the “yes” option.
Changes have been made so that when characters re-join the party after leaving, they will take up their previous position in the party formation, except under some special circumstances.
The trigger conditions and eligible trigger area have been altered for the event that occurs when Terra uses magic in the early part of the story, in order to make that event progress more naturally.
It has been changed so that a game over will always trigger if Banon is incapacitated when in the party, rather than just on specific maps.
*Small adjustments have been made to some of the main character graphics.

■ Bug fixes
The following bugs have been fixed.
We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that these issues may have caused.

<Battle related issues>
Very rarely, battles would not progress correctly under specific circumstances.
Some enemies would act unnaturally under specific circumstances.
Sometimes odd actions would be initiated when using auto-battle under specific circumstances.”
Sometimes the spell “Reraise” would not trigger or odd behaviour would occur after it did trigger.
Sometimes items would not be consumed properly if they were used while the effects of “Quick” were active.
Under certain circumstances the ATB gauge would not be used up properly when using “Mime” while the effects of “Quick” were active. There is a chance that further investigations will be made into this issue.
Previously it became impossible to use “Mime” if the player skipped over entering a command to move the turn order to Gogo’s turn.
The “Dischord” ability should have been ineffective against enemies resistant to instant death but affected them normally.
Sometimes the “Flames of Rebirth” ability would not be cast by “Slots” or when using a “Magicite Shard”.
When using “Gil Toss” or “Superball” on multiple enemies, the damage against each one would be reduced.
The amount of gil owned would not be reduced after using “Gil Toss” if the player escaped from battle after the ability was used.
When attempting to make consecutive attacks under specific circumstances, the target of the attacks and the additional effects would sometimes behave unnaturally.
Sometimes the ATB gauge would not be used up properly if the player tried to escape from battle during specific consecutive attacks.
The order that spells were listed in would differ from the order on the menu when selecting magic to use with the “Dualcast” ability in battle.”
Instant death effects added to weapons would not trigger during counter attacks.
Magic from additional effects on weapons would not trigger during “Mug”.
Damage would be inflicted incorrectly when using “Mug” while having a dice type weapon equipped. This has now been fixed so that damage cannot be inflicted.
Sometimes the amount of damage inflicted would be reduced if a character who was dual-wielding equipped the weapon “Soul Saber” in their left hand.
The hit effect from the weapon “Lightbringer” would not trigger.
Sometimes some non-magical actions would also automatically fail while a character was affected by “Silence” or other status effects that prevent magic use.
Sometimes the progression of battle would become unnatural when an ally affected by the “Confuse” status performed specific actions.
When performing “Dance” while affected by the “Confuse” status, the enemy and allied targets would not be switched around and “Dance” would subsequently always miss.
When the “Petrify” status was inflicted, the “Zombie” status was also applied on top of it.
The “Cover” effect from the accessory “Knight’s Code” would also trigger for “Petrified” allies when close to death.
The healing effects of the “Soul Spiral” would not trigger correctly for allies who were affected by specific status anomalies.
Exp could be gained from monsters that spawn alongside bosses, even though they are not supposed to give EXP.
Items that are supposed to be stealable could not be stolen from “Ultima Buster”.
Sometimes a game over would not trigger when the party is wiped out on the Veldt under certain circumstances.
*Umaro’s fixed equipment would be removed when attempting the battles at the Coliseum in a specific order.

<Map and event related/ other issues>
Some areas on the word map were difficult to traverse by chocobo.
Sometimes the progression of specific events would become unnatural depending on the party composition.
Under specific circumstances, Shadow would not leave the party when he was supposed to.
Sometimes the following event or battle would not proceed correctly after re-loading a Quick Save made at specific times.
On the menu screen it was possible to use “Float” on characters who were knocked-out.
Sometimes a character’s MP would not be expended correctly when they first used magic from the menu screen after their current MP value was altered by changing equipment.
The order battle commands are listed in would change when equipping or removing and accessory that changes battle commands while also equipping the accessory “Soul of Thamasa”.
Some text was not displayed in a suitable manner.
Some graphics were not displayed in a suitable manner.
Under specific circumstances character behaviour and graphical presentation would act unnaturally.
*Some BGM and SFX were not played correctly.

Fixes to other minor bugs.
Further updates are planned in future.

Download free FF6 update 1.0.6 on PC.