Final Fantasy V Update 1.0.7 Patch Notes (FFV 1.0.7)

A new Final Fantasy V update 1.0.7 released for PC (Steam) players. According to the official FFV patch notes, the latest update added contains a plethora of changes, a new major feature, and many additional fixes.

Previously, a major update was released with quality of life improvements and changes. Unfortunately, since the last update, many players were experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game online.

Today’s Final Fantasy V patch 1.0.7 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

Final Fantasy 5 Update 1.0.7 Patch Notes – August 17, 2022

Alterations relating to battles

  • The weapon “Brave Blade” has been altered so that attack power lost from escaping battle is recovered one point at a time by winning a set number of further battles. In addition, it will not exceed its original attack power.
  • The weapon “Chicken Knife” has been altered so that its “Scram” effect is not activated when using “Mug” or “Counter”.
  • Weapons that change the effect of “Attack” have been altered so their effects are not activated when using “Counter”. The Chicken Knife’s “Scram” effect is included in this change.
  • The message shown when unable to carry a stolen item has been changed from saying “Couldn’t Steal!” to say “Stole (Item Name)” instead.
  • It has been changed so that the number of a weapon owned is not reduced and only the effect is triggered when using “Mimic” to copy the use of a weapon that is destroyed when used as an item. In addition, a bug where progress became blocked under specific conditions has been fixed.
  • It has been changed so that the time magic spell “Speed” is not used when in the “Confuse” state.
  • It has been changed so that when a specific elemental “Absorb” effect is applied on top of a “Cancel” effect through mixing, the “Absorb” will always gain priority.
  • It has been changed so that event text shown in battle cannot be skipped using button inputs and will only disappear through time elapsing. This is to prevent text from being skipped unintentionally.
  • A visual effect was added where the screen flashes if an allied character’s attack scores a critical hit.
  • The way HP deductions are shown when being hit by an enemy’s repeated attacks has been changed so the numbers change at a more natural timing.
  • The tempo when making repeated attacks in battle has been made faster.
  • The time taken when transitioning between screens after escaping from battle has been reduced.

Alterations relating to maps and events

  • It has been changed so that the treasure chests and items that can be stolen by Lone Wolf the Pickpocket are counted in the location information on the world map. After being stolen, a chest or item will be counted if the player investigates it. In either case, these will not affect the overall treasure chest completion percentage or achievement unlocks.
  • Changes have been made so that the mini map is immediately displayed in the top right of the screen after moving to a new map.
  • The default cursor position when selecting to stay at an inn has been changed to the “yes” option.
  • The areas that mouse controls are active for have been expanded, now including situations such as when selecting magic in battle etc.
  • It has been changed so that the ability “Equip Rods” appears close to the other “Equip” type abilities on the menu screen.
  • The point at which the player transitions to the Phantom Village has been altered to make it easier to enter the location.
  • The graphics for the edges of water areas on the world map have been adjusted to look more natural.

Bug fixes

The following bugs have been fixed.
We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that these issues may have caused.

  • Very rarely, battles would not progress correctly under specific circumstances.
  • Sometimes using specific combinations of abilities and equipment would cause unintended behaviour.
  • Some enemies would act unnaturally under specific circumstances.
  • Sometimes the final action an enemy took when defeated would be different to the intended action under specific circumstances.
  • The actions of some bosses would sometimes start earlier than intended.
  • Sometimes odd actions would be initiated when using auto-battle under specific circumstances.
  • Sometimes a character’s maximum MP would decrease after loading save data if they were being affected by certain abilities that increased maximum MP.
  • Sometimes the effects of “Shell” would not function properly against the trigger rate for damage from some enemy magic attacks or detrimental status effects caused by magic etc.
  • Sometimes items would not be consumed properly if they were used while the effects of “Quick” were active.
  • The effects of ”Haste” and “Slow” would not correctly affect the waiting times until some commands were carried out.
  • Actions that were not related to magic would sometimes miss and become unusable while the effects of “Mute” were in play under specific circumstances.
  • Sometimes “Mute” or “Return” would not activate while characters have been removed from battle.
  • ”Flirt” and “Mute” were effective against some enemies and bosses that they should not work on.
  • Sometimes additional effects from attacks would still take effect, even when the physical attack itself has been defended using the summon “Golem”.
  • Sometimes “Call” would not activate properly when MP was low.
  • While characters levels were increased from using “Hero’s Rime” in battle, it became impossible to change these levels any further through other actions.
  • The effects of “Spellblade” continued to take effect after changing equipment during battle.
  • The effects of “Focus” and “Two-Handed” overlapped and did not trigger.
  • The effect of “Shirahadori” would trigger even when the user was afflicted by a status that prevented them from acting.
  • Sometimes the effects of attacks would become unnatural if specific weapons were equipped when using “Dual-Wield”.
  • The modifier for a character being in a specific rank of the party formation was applied to the damage inflicted with “Throw”.
  • The damage from “Zeninage” was reduced when the character using the ability was in the “Toad” or “Mini” state or if the enemy was affected by “Protect”.
  • The “Mimic” ability would not be performed correctly under specific circumstances.
  • A Red Mage or “Mime” character could not equip the weapons “Flail” and “Morning Star”.
  • Sometimes the number of a weapon owned would become incorrect if specific inputs were performed when using a weapon that is destroyed when used as an item.
  • Sometimes damage would be inflicted when using “Focus”, “Jump”, “Rapid Fire” or “Sword Dance” while equipping a harp. This has been fixed so that damage is no longer inflicted while a harp is equipped.
  • In situations where an equipped item automatically triggers a status effect, that effect would still be triggered when a the character started a battle in the “KO” or “Petrify” state.
  • Sometimes an allied character in the “Confuse” state would behave unnaturally when performing certain actions.
  • The “Confuse” and “Sleep” states would be removed when a character evaded an attack while in the “Image” state.
  • A character’s appearance would not change while in the “Image” state, regardless of the number of remaining uses. This has been fixed so that two images of the character are shown when there are two or more uses remaining and one image is shown when only one use remains.
  • Sometimes the countdown for “Doom” would slow down.
  • Sometimes the intervals between enemies taking damage from “Poison” would become shorter.
  • Sometimes enemy counterattacks would trigger at unnatural timings.
  • Sometimes the remaining HP for undead type enemies would become incorrect after using a HP absorb type attack and healing them.
  • “Archeoaevis” was able to use “Blaster”. This has been fixed so the enemy uses “Maelstrom” instead.
  • There were some areas where the submarine was able to float above ground.
  • There were some places and instances where the world map screen was not displayed correctly.
  • Sometimes some event scenes would not display properly under specific circumstances.
  • Sometimes the graphics or screen progression would become unnatural when loading Quick Save files created in specific circumstances.
  • It was possible to avoid the pitfalls in some dungeons by using “Float”. This has been fixed so that no pitfalls can be avoided by using “Float”.
  • There were situations where the ability “Find Passages” would not work on certain hidden passages or would work in places where no passage existed.
  • It was possible to use “Toad” and “Mini” on characters in the “KO” state from the menu screen.
  • The valuable item “Splinter” was not able to be obtained at a suitable time. This was only a visual presentation issue and did not affect game progression.
  • Some text was not displayed in a suitable manner.
  • Some graphics were not displayed in a suitable manner.
  • Under specific circumstances character behaviour and graphical presentation would act unnaturally.
  • Some BGM and SFX were not played correctly.

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