Fault Update 14.4 Patch Notes (Official) – January 15, 2022

    Fault game update 14.4 is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Fault patch notes, the latest update added Easy Anti Cheat to the game. Apart from this, today’s Fault patch 14.4 also includes various fixes and changes.

    Previously, a major update added quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, players are still facing issues with the game.

    Read more details below.

    What is new in Fault 14.4 Patch Notes? – January 15, 2022


    • Fixed an issue causing players to be able to draft dodge without penalty if they did not lock in a hero.


    All Heroes
    • Fixed an issue with some Movement Speed Effects causing Base Movement Speed to default to the Base Movement Speed when the ability was first used.


    Jump (Spacebar)

    • Fixed Kallari double jump sometimes not playing the animation and not jumping properly


    Song of My People (E)

    • Fixed an issue with Narbash “Song of My People” in-game description


    Role Selection

    • Fixed Phase showing up for Offlane and Midlane instead of Support in role selection


    Mana Shard
    • Fixed an issue allowing grim to gain energy from mana shard


    • Fixed an issue causing hero outlines not being visible

    Dawn Inhibitor Floor

    • Fixed an issue causing players to get stuck on inhibitor floors on Dawn side.



    • Templar – Armour granted to nearby allies increased from 7->8%.
    • Protective Mana – The percent of mana spent that becomes a shield increased from 15->25%.

    • All-Seeing Eye – The percent increase in vision wards has been increased from 15->25%.
    • Apparatus Proficiency – Item active cooldown increased from 15->20.

    • Vengeance – Base bonus damage dealt decreased from 30-180->20-160 and cooldown increased from 25->30s. Attack window duration reduced from 3->2s.
    • Rogue – Cooldown of percent max health bonus damage increased from 18->24s.

    • Saboteur – Active trinket cooldown reduction increased from 30->50%. Radius of true vision increased from 1500->1800 and duration of true vision increased from 6->10s.
    • Opportunist – The radius of isolated enemy heroes has been decreased from 2000->1500 units.

    • Mist Walker – Bonus movement speed through fog walls increased from 10->12% and duration increased from 3->4s.

    • Reactive Rejuvenation – Total health regen after taking damage from enemy hero increased from 5 (+1% missing health) over 10 seconds → 6 (+5% missing health) over 10 seconds.



    Assault the Gates (RMB)

    • Leap time reduced by 33%.


    Shield Push (RMB)

    • Targets affected by Shield Push are pushed quicker.


    Chain Pull (RMB)

    • Hit box increased in size by 233%. It is now halfway between it’s original size and it’s previous size.


    Shield Charge (Q)

    • Cast time reduced from 0.4->0.25s.
    • Charge speed increased by 20%.

    Force Barrier (P)

    • Maximum stacks reduced from 10->5.
    • Energy Armour granted per stack increased from 4/5/6/7/8->8/10/12/14/16.
    • Instead of all stacks being removed at the end of the stack duration, only one stack is removed at a time.
    • Stack duration reduced from 5-3s.


    Okeros Charge (E)

    • Dash speed increased by 67%.
    • Dash range increased from 900->1000 units.
    • Knockup cast time reduced from 0.25->0.20s.


    Adrenaline Shot
    • Critical strike chance reduced from 25-20%.

    Devourer’s Blade
    • Critical strike chance reduced from 25-20%.

    Cloak of Fortune
    • Critical strike chance reduced from 25-20%.

    Jar of Hearts
    • Critical strike chance reduced from 25-20%.

    Shiny Bangle
    • Base heal increased from 25->35.

    Sword of Souls
    • Physical Power reduced from 55->50.
    • Passive – Stacks granted per hero kill/assist reduced from 5->3.

    Titan Slayer
    • Critical strike chance reduced from 25-20%.

    Tyche’s Firecannon
    • Critical strike chance reduced from 25-20%.



    Dawn Inhibitor Floor

    • Fixed an issue cause players to get stuck on inhibitor floor on Dawn side.


    Lane Minions
    • Melee minion damage increased from 10-70->12-80.
    • Ranged minion damage increased from 19-102->22.5-120.
    • Siege minion starting damage increased from 33.5->39.5 and damage increase per 90 seconds increased from 1.275->1.5.
    • Melee minion health increase per 90 seconds reduced from 33.8->23.
    • Ranged minion health increase per 90 seconds reduced from 7.56->6.
    • Siege minion health increase per 90 seconds reduced from 82->62.
    • Melee, ranged, siege, and super minion movement speed (0-25 minute mark) reduced from 580-730->540-740.

    Download free Fault patch 14.4 from Steam.

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