Farlight 84 Controller Support Guide: Bugs & Fixes

Farlight 84 has been a hot topic since its release, especially when it comes to controller support. Initially designed for mobile platforms like iOS and Android, the game aims to expand its reach. But what’s the current status of Farlight 84 controller support? Well, it’s a mixed bag.

Mobile: A Work in Progress

If you’re a mobile gamer, you might find the controller support somewhat lacking. Only basic functions like shooting and movement are available. Forget about ADS, jumping, or crouching; those are currently off the table. This limitation puts you at a significant disadvantage in matches.

Platform Functional Buttons Missing Actions
Mobile Shoot, Move ADS, Jump, Crouch

PC: Better but Still in Beta

On the PC front, things look a bit brighter. The game’s mid-June update aimed to improve controller support for both mobile and PC. Aim assist was introduced for PC controllers, and sprinting was added on mobile. However, the feature is still in beta, so expect some hiccups.

Platform Functional Buttons Added Features
PC Shoot, Move, Aim Aim Assist

Enabling Controller Support on PC

So, you’re keen on using a controller for your PC gameplay? Follow these steps:

  1. Connect Controller: Use a USB cable or Bluetooth to connect your preferred gaming controller to the PC.
  2. Open Steam Settings: Navigate to Settings > Controller in Steam.
  3. Enable Inputs: Turn on steam input for Xbox and PlayStation controllers.
  4. Game Properties: Head to your Library > Farlight 84 > Properties > Controllers.
  5. Enable Steam Input: Choose “Enable steam input” from the “Override for Farlight 84” options.
  6. Edit Layout: You’ll see a “controller layout” option. Click it to customize your controls.

With these steps, you’re all set to dive into Farlight 84 with a controller on PC.

Enabling Controller Support on Mobile

For the brave souls still wanting to try controllers on mobile, here’s how:

  1. Open Bluetooth Settings: Go to Settings > Bluetooth on your mobile device.
  2. Pairing Mode: Hold down specific buttons on your controller to enter pairing mode.
  3. Scan and Pair: Back on your phone, scan for available devices and pair with your controller.

And voila, you’re connected. But remember, the functionality is limited.

What Players Are Saying

Many players aren’t thrilled with the current state of controller support, especially on mobile. The community is vocal about needing more comprehensive updates to make the gameplay experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Common Farlight 84 Controller Issues

Controller Not Recognized

If your controller isn’t recognized, make sure you’ve followed the steps for enabling controller support meticulously. Sometimes, a simple restart of the game or your device can solve the issue.

Issue Potential Fix
Controller Not Detected Restart Game/Device
Buttons Not Working Update Controller Drivers

Laggy Controller Response

Experiencing lag? It could be due to a poor Bluetooth connection or interference from other devices. Try moving closer to your PC or mobile device for a stronger connection.

Issue Potential Fix
Laggy Response Move Closer to Device
Button Delay Check for Interference

Community Workarounds

Some players have found workarounds for the limited controller support on mobile. Third-party apps and custom mapping tools are options, but use them at your own risk as they’re not officially supported.

Third-Party Apps

Apps like Octopus allow you to map your controller buttons to on-screen controls. However, this can sometimes lead to being banned, so proceed with caution.

Custom Mapping Tools

Some players use custom mapping tools to configure their controllers. These tools can be complex and are generally recommended for advanced users.

What the Developers Are Saying

The Farlight 84 team is aware of the community’s concerns and is actively working on updates. They’ve hinted at more comprehensive fixes in future updates, so it’s a waiting game at this point.

FAQ – September 25, 2023

Is Farlight 84 Fully Compatible with Controllers?

No, the game is still in its early stages, and full controller support is not yet available, especially on mobile.

Can I Use Any Controller?

Most standard gaming controllers like Xbox and PlayStation controllers should work, but functionality may be limited.

Are There Any Risks to Using Third-Party Apps?

Yes, using third-party apps for controller support can sometimes lead to being banned from the game.

What’s the Best Way to Stay Updated?

Keep an eye on official announcements and community forums for the latest updates on Farlight 84 controller support.

And there you have it! This wraps up our comprehensive guide on Farlight 84 controller support. Keep your controllers at the ready and stay tuned for future updates!


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