Patch Notes

Fantasy Strike Update 1.12 Patch Notes for PS4 and PC

Fantasy Strike update 1.12 released on PS4 and Xbox One. According to Fantasy Strike 1.12 patch notes, the latest update added a long list of bug fixes and gameplay changes. Apart from this, Fantasy Strike version 1.12 also includes performance improvements.


Previously, a minor update was released with bug fixes. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game. Today’s Fantasy Strike version 1.12 is expected to fix a few of these issues.

What is new and fixed in Fantasy Strike Update 1.12?



[Switch] Having the core pack now lets you challenge any player on any platform to a friend match, even a free player. Free players on Switch can now be challenged by anyone on any platform who has the core pack. This brings Switch in line with how the other platforms already worked.

[Switch] Fixed a crash that happened right at the end of games, after you had played X number of games previously. This crash could be temporarily warded off by deleting your save file, but is now fully fixed.

[PS4] Fixed both a frequent source of disconnects AND crashes right as a game ends, which was especially disruptive to ranked matches (because you have to get through best 3 out of 5 games to complete a ranked match).

Fixed a “desync” that could happen in online games with Quince at the start of matches. Affects all platforms, and on Steam this problem would show a “GGPO Assertion Error” when the desync happened.

When you start watching a game as a spectator and you specifically join when your friend is on the character select screen, this disrupted the connection and could disconnect the players. This problem only started after our free-to-play patch, but is now fixed.


The friend’s list is now sorted alphabetically.

The on/off switches for joining the casual and ranked queues are no longer “backwards” looking. The button now to the left while off and slides to the right when on.

[Steam and PS4; will be fixed in a later patch on Switch] Fixed another rare source of disconnects that could happen between games of a team battle.

Increased the amount of time the server will wait before declaring an inactive connection in order to prevent some spurious disconnects.

[Steam and PS4; will be fixed in a later patch on Switch] Fixed a rare bug where you could start a ranked game, as player2 as the wrong character (then immediately desync). This could even make you play as “Dummy”.

[Steam and PS4; will be fixed in a later patch on Switch] When a game ends, the save operation for creating the replay file happens faster now. (Note that this save happens whether you have a Fantasy+ membership or not, and that even if you don’t, you can still view the replay of the game you just played.) This optimization removes a slight pause you might experience at the end of a game.

[PS4] Accessing the “My Replays” and “Favorites” screen (both available to Fantasy+ members) is ridiculously more responsive now. Before trying to access these would give you a black screen with no loading indicator and you would be stuck there for a length of time proportional to how many games you’d played. This could be as long as 158 seconds(!), but now can only be as long as 1.5 seconds. Also, if you go to these screens, then later go to them again before restarting the app, they have close to 0 seconds of loading time.

[Steam and PS4; will be fixed in a later patch on Switch] You can now report offensive usernames through the search results screen.



Somewhat improved the framerate when Quince is on the screen. This especially applies to if any of his illusions are on the screen. In addition, it fixes a drop in framerate that could happen because of illusions, even after those illusions went away.

Fixed a bug that caused the diagonally downward kick of Quince’s B, B to do 2 damage during his super’s “two truths” mode, rather than the 1 damage it should do.

When Onimaru or Setsuki parry your Patriot Mirror super, it no longer counts as a “hit” that triggers your two truths mode.


Neutral A, proximity block distance reduced. (Used to trigger the opponent’s blocking animation more than half screen away, accidentally.)

[Steam and PS4; will be fixed in a later patch on Switch] During the cutscene when the robots are summoned with the air super, the robots now appear at the correct brightness, rather than looking too dark.


Fixed a visual bug that could cause her to sometimes have her paintbrush in the wrong hand during gameplay.


[Steam and PS4; will be fixed in a later patch on Switch] During Rook’s victory pose where birds land on him, the birds now land at the correct height, rather than floating above him. This fix especially improves the alignment if you’re using his Tree Rook alternate costume.


[PS4 will be added in a later patch on Switch] Added a new feature to button config to “unset” a button by holding either left or right for a couple seconds. For example, if the Jump function is assigned to the X button, highlight that then hold right. The X button icon will slide off the screen, resulting in no button at all assigned to Jump.

Slightly improved memory “garbage collection” overall. While this doesn’t “increase framerate,” it does prevent framerate from dropping in the form of occasional brief spikes of bad framerate. While this is a global improvement, the optimization applies to Quince at least an order of magnitude more than to other characters.

In Survival modes, you heal 2 hit points, rather than 1 hit point after beating an opponent. (Except for in Cruel 10, where you already healed 2, and still do.)

In Survival and Daily Challenge modes, our last patch introduced a problem that caused gameplay to pause for up to 1 second (depending on platform) right when the body of your last opponent disappeared, and another long pause a few seconds later. All these long pauses are now fixed.

Fixed a crash in Survival mode that happened when destroying remaining mini-Lums after a full-sized Lum was defeated.

The default volume level is now set to 50 out of 100 on all platforms. Previously, PS4 correctly was this way, but Steam and Switch wrongly defaulted to 100 out of 100 volume.

[Steam and PS4] Fixed a bug in button config that started with the f2p patch where going “down” twice after arriving on this screen would put the cursor in an invisible spot.

[Steam and PS4] When you purchase items with gems, then lose your internet connection, you still had access to them, which is good. But if closed the app then relaunched it while still having no internet connection, you would need to connect once to the server to have access to those items again. Now, you no longer need to do that. If you ever had access to items bought with gems on a given device, the items will be always be there, even across restarts, and even without ever connecting to the internet again.

[PS4 and Steam] If you own the founder’s pack, core pack, or collector’s pack, you no longer need to connect to the server once to use the features associated with that pack; it’s checked offline. (Switch already checked pack ownership offline.)

[Steam and PS4; will be fixed in a later patch on Switch] Reduced the jump height of all Boss Rush enemy power-ups that uses a jump height increase. This prevents things like Setsuki becoming too high and staying in the air and being completely unhittable.

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