Patch Notes

Fantasy Strike Update 1.11 Patch Notes

Fantasy Strike update 1.21 released on PS4 and Xbox One. According to Fantasy Strike 1.21 patch notes, the latest update added two new free characters, new cosmetics, and much more. Apart from this, Fantasy Strike version 1.21 also includes performance and stability improvements.


Previously, an update was released with various quality of life changes. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game. Today’s Fantasy Strike version 1.21 is expected to fix a few of these issues.

What is new and fixed in Fantasy Strike Update 1.21?


Added two new characters: Chancellor Quince and General Onimaru. Everyone gets these characters for free,


Bug Fixes



–Jump forward/back A (the splash) has smaller defensive boxes on his feet, so that he can more easily jump over projectiles with this move.

–Air C has narrow defensive boxes on the back part of the move, so that he can more easily jump over projectiles with this move.

–C throw has slightly more range. About the same range as “the old throw range plus walking forward for 3 frames”.


–Fixed a bug with some of her hit reactions that caused her hand to spin her paintbrush around in a strange way.


–When doing Starlight Tumbler (C button) then doing her air super in the middle of it, the B+C command to do the super now has the same slop factor as all other supers, rather than requiring B and C to be pressed on exactly the same frame. (Simply jumping and doing air super already had the standard slop factor, this fix only applies to doing air super specifically during ground C.)

–Fix: Setsuki’s air parry super now correctly triggers against Argagarg’s bubble shield pop.


–Sometimes wall bounces (most notably DeGrey’s counterhit B,B (Tyrant Crusher)) would seem to not work. This is when the wall scrolled over a microscopic amount right as the opponent touched it. Now it bounces when it looks like it should.


–Fixed Midori back throw not doing damage to Rook.

–Fixed a bug with Midori ground super involving a “kara cancel.” It is correct that when the B+C macro is enabled, pressing B then 1-2 frames later pressing C (or vice versa) cancels the very beginning of the special move and starts the super move. The bug was that Midori could do this after cancelling from a normal move. For example, A cancel to C then 1 frame later press B should NOT perform the super. That’s a stupid kara cancel trick that’s disabled for all other characters, but was accidentally possible here. There is some advantage for Midori to use this, which would force everyone to enable this macro for competitive reasons if we kept the bug.


–Fixed the exact same kara cancel bug with Geiger’s ground super that was explained above about Midori’s. This had no practical use for Geiger, but it’s fixed anyway.

–B (and hold B) gears no longer knock down opponents who get hit while jumping. They land on their feet. This prevents him from getting a 2-damage combo when hitting in this situation and prevents his air super from being able to juggle for 3-total damage all the time.

–B (and hold B) have +3f recovery.

–Time Stop (ground super) now automatically ends with a Flash Gear attack, rather than in neutral. This means a successful Time Stop will net him 1 damage total, rather than 2 damage.


–Fixed a bug with Lum’s fireworks which for the last few months has caused them to track LUM rather than the opponent when the players switch sides after the rocket is summoned. In practical terms, this made the fireworks do nothing in this case, rather than be very powerful as they are supposed to be. The fireworks now work correctly again, the same way they worked for years before this bug was introduced a few months ago.

Tutorial Fixes

–When Midori demonstrates his yomi counter, it will still work (rather than do nothing) if the player 2 controller is doing inputs.

–Fixed a bug in a recent patch that prevented the tutorial dummies in lesson about throws from doing yomi counters when they should. You’re supposed to strike these dummies anyway, not throw them, so it was minor. But now if you try to throw them, they yomi counter correctly so you learn that that’s what happens against opponents who let go of their controls.

–Fixed a bug with the tutorial dummy who must be beaten by jumping S that accidentally allowed it to sometimes also be beaten by ground B.

Online Fixes

–[Windows] When you get an online opponent (“Here comes a new challenger”) and the game application isn’t in focus, we now flash the taskbar button for the game once, to attract attention.

–Fixed a bug that caused invites to watch to not show the name of the player inviting you, which somehow broke 17 months ago.

–Fixed an issue with players profiles that caused their “best boss rush” to show incorrect data.

–Fixed an issue where characters in menus and gameplay appeared as pure black silhouettes. This could happen as a result of online play loading wrong lighting settings when a game ended.

Misc. Fixes

–Walking left and right now feels more responsive. This does not affect gameplay in any meaningful way, just the feel. When you stopped walking forward or backward before (meaning you let go and returned to neutral specifically), we used to have a short transition of about 6 frames. This transition period was NOT recovery, so you could block instantly, yomi counter instantly, etc. But if you just let go and waited, your character would appear to keep walking for those frames. We’ve eliminated that and now rely only on animation blending to make it look good. The net result is walking and stopping will feel more responsive, yet not allow you to do anything faster than you could before.

–Characters in a blocking pose now continue to have a slight animation if they stay in the blocking pose for a while. Before their animation would freeze if they blocked for a while. (Very minor, doesn’t affect gameplay.)

–When the music volume is set to 0, the music is now actually silent, rather than very quiet.

–[Steam] Fixed a bunch of UI elements disappearing if you launch the game in a very tall aspect ratio (heavily letterboxed).

–[Steam] While the VS screen is loading, pressing Tab to get to your friends list then clicking on the profile icon would cause you to be stuck on your profile screen. Now fixed.

–Fixed sometimes being unexpectedly thrown into a “Single match vs CPU” after quitting another 1P mode such as arcade mode.

–[PS4] If you boot the game while holding down a direction on the gamepad, it no longer messes up your directional after that.

–Fixed bug where projectiles would spawn with the wrong offset after side-switching when a previous projectile is still on the screen. For example, Geiger air S (Cycloid Revolution), opponent switches sides, then Geiger does B (Time Spiral) and the Time Spiral would start offset from Geiger’s character.

–When opening the button config screen, the input focus now starts on the “Done” button rather than on the first assignable button (Jump). That means going to button config then immediately pressing the “back” button will now leave the button config screen, rather than set that button to be jump.

–[Switch/PS4] The button config screen now lets you go to a separate panel called “other controls” that allows you to remap the buttons for frame step mode (to turn it on/off) and frame advance.

Download free Fantasy Strike patch 1.21 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.