Fallout 1.27 Update Patch Notes, Check out What’s New & Fixed


Fallout 4 update 1.27 is now rolling out for players on PlayStation 4. According to the official Fallout 4 1.27 patch notes, the new update comes with the new Creation Club contents. Apart from this, Fallout 4 version 1.27 also includes fixes for the minor issues related to server performance, game client, and UI bugs.

The previous update was also released with a similar list of fixes. Unfortunately, since the release of this patch, many players were experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game. Today’s Fallout 4 version 1.27 patch is expected to resolve these issues. Check out more details below.

Fallout 4 1.27 Update Patch Notes

New Creation Club contents

Settlement Ambush Kit

  • Tired of being taken unawares by the Commonwealth’s deadliest foes? Now you can turn the tables, with the Settlement Ambush Kit! By setting up specific radio beacons or “bait” at your settlements, you can lure enemies in and have your automated defenses cut them to ribbons! And, best of all, you can watch the action unfold remotely, utilizing a brand new security camera system.

Fantasy Hero Set

  • Move over Grognak – there’s a new hero in town! Embark on a quest to retrieve the helmet and sword of a true warrior of legend, and cleave a path of victory through the entire Commonwealth!

Bug Fixes

  • Fallout 4 1.27 added fixes for crashing issues.
  • Added performance and stability improvements.
  • Various minor UI bug fixes.

Fallout 4 update 1.27 is now available for download on PS4.