Factory Town Update Patch Notes – Oct 30, 2021

Factory Town update released on PC (Steam). According to the official Factory Town patch notes, the latest update added new changes, fixes, and enhancements.

Previously, a big update added a long list of quality of life improvements and fixes. Unfortunately, since the release, players are facing several issues. Factory Town patch will fix a few of these issues.

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Factory Town Patch Notes (Oct 30, 2021)

Two different Sources and Destinations

This is the most basic scenario. Assign the first behavior as you normally would, from 1st source to the 1st destination. Then, select the same worker, hold SHIFT and drag from the 2nd source to the 2nd destination. The Worker will be assigned both jobs, and will attempt to perform them sequentially. If it can’t perform one of the Pick-Up actions (e.g. no items to pick up) it’ll just move on to the next job.

Note, you can use this to supply inputs to a building, and then also carry its outputs to another building!

One Source to Multiple Destinations, split evenly

For example, you have one workshop making Cloth and you want some to go to one Tailor, and some to go to another Tailor. This is actually the same case as above – assign them as two separate jobs, holding SHIFT when assigning the second Pick-Up action.

One Source to Multiple Destinations, with priority

For example, you have one workshop making Cloth and you want some to go to a Tailor, and ONLY if the tailor is full, to deliver the rest to a General Store.

In this case, select the worker, click on ‘Pick Up’ cloth at the workshop, and when choosing the Tailor destination, hold SHIFT while you click on ‘Drop Off’. This will tell the game that you want to append another destination. Then hover over the General Store and hit ‘Drop Off’ cloth. (No shift necessary, unless you want to append a third destination)

Multiple Sources to One Destination

You can also tell a worker to Pick Up from multiple sources, and then finally deliver everything to one destination. This is useful for things like Caravans that can carry multiple types of goods. To do this, simply click ‘Pick-Up’ in order at each of your sources, then click ‘Drop Off’ at the destination. The game assumes that multiple Pick Up options should be appended on top of each other, so there’s no need to hold Shift in this case.

Tasks Panel

Now that worker assignments can be more complex, a better way to display them was needed. So now each worker has a ‘Tasks’ button on their status panel, and clicking it shows all the currently assigned tasks. Clicking the ‘…’ button lets you delete or re-order them. It also lets you set a flag to “Hold Until Full” or “Hold Until Empty”. This will make sure the worker doesn’t move on to its next task if it still has capacity to Pick Up items, or is still holding items to Drop Off, even if it can’t currently complete the transfer.

Other changes were made related to multi-commands:

  • Improved worker targeting behavior – now shows specific items when assigning a dropoff target. This allows players to either left or right click when targeting. Default ‘Drag and Drop’ behavior is preserved for convenience.
  • When assigning Pick Up or Drop Off behavior at a building, the item selection panel has been improved to include labels, as well as a specific ‘Everything’ icon that will tell the worker to pick up anything at the target.
  • Workers will simply discard obsolete held items (those that don’t match any current behaviors) instead of trying to drop them off at closest location.
  • ‘Supply’ action has been removed, as it can now be reproduced more precisely with multi-commands. All legacy ‘Supply’ behaviors are migrated as regular Harvest or Deliver actions, based on what previous source and targets were.

Balance Changes

  • Lowered Linked House Level requirements for base levels 9 and 10

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed “LogicMessageTypeNone” appearing instead of “None” when configuring Computational blocks
  • Added spacers in Logic Connections pop-up menus to more clearly separate functions
  • Can delete and re-order tasks in the Worker Tasks menu
  • Added ‘plus’ icon modifier to cursor when shift is held down and is assigning worker behavior, to communicate that it is appending a task
  • Added preliminary Japanese localization
  • Fixed workers showing very large list of items on cursor hover when supplying house or market without a specific item filter
  • Fixed memory leak of build action buttons that would slowly degrade performance over time
  • Fixed some icons not being centered on logistic blocks or Package filter
  • Fixed some physical items being shown in wrong orientation when carried by worker unit
  • Fixed some computational block icons being the wrong size
  • Fixed right-click to delete on a single tile triggering a Cancel action that resets the cursor

Download free Factory Town patch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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