Expeditions Rome Update 1.2.1 Patch Notes – February 17, 2022

A new Expeditions Rome update 1.2.1 released on PC. According to the official Expeditions Rome patch notes, the latest update contains a plethora of minor updates, a new major feature, and many additional fixes.

Previously, a major update added new changes, fixes, and gameplay improvements.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the release. Today’s Expeditions Rome patch 1.2.1 will fix a few of these issues.

What is new in Expeditions Rome February 17 Update?

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed a bug on the Greece – Mountain Village, Africa – Tiny Desert Camp, and Gaul – Coastal Village Pacifications that could cause the player to get stuck on the map under certain conditions.
  • Addressed a bug where characters who were treating an injury in the Triage UI would still be treating injuries on characters who were fully healed by the Temple of Asclepius travel event or when transitioning between the Rome portions of the game. The fix should also resolve any instances of this happening in current save files.
  • Fixed a bug where the barracks recruits screen would sometimes recruit the wrong character entirely.
  • Addressed a bug on the Quarry instance where players could get stuck after the encounter if they were in a certain spot of the map when the encounter was over.
  • Addressed a bug with the catapults in the Chalkedon Siege not being able to be destroyed by fire.
  • Addressed a bug with the reverb audio effect not functioning correctly.
  • More fixes for the Dangerous Dunes travel event not functioning correctly under certain situations.
  • Addressed a bug on the insane difficulty where certain enemies were applying Bleeding or Weakened even when their attacks miss.


Updated pacification quests so that any incomplete pacification quests will fail when transitioning to a new region (this will not retroactively update save files that have already moved to a new region).

Adjusted the volume of the combat emotes to be a little more audible.

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