Expedition Agartha Update Patch Notes – March 21, 2023

Expedition Agartha update is available on PC(Steam). According to the official Expedition Agartha patch notes, the latest update adds implemented region selection and much more.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing several issues with the game. Today’s Expedition Agartha patch will address a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Expedition Agartha Patch Notes – March 21, 2023

  • Implemented Region Selection.
  • Player activity now displayed across regions and levels.
  • Backpack Names now display on the icon.
  • Gear Score now exists to help players understand the value of items.
  • Shift right click now works on gear on corpses.
  • Slowed movement on getting hit no longer stacks, and time shortened to 1.24s.
  • Performance updates related to net dormancy implemented.
  • Additional Lost Island prop decorations.
  • Ojore quest 6 now gives an Empowered rune as a reward.
  • All 2H weapons parry effectiveness increased by 30%, and massively increased block damage dealt as well.
  • Added proper sounds to UI when unequipping backpacks and insuring.
  • Serpent Key loot massivey improved.
  • Added new Gates to the Katar Asura Arena.
  • Aded crafting recipe to change a Cintimani Jewel to 5 fragments.
  • Fixed a stamina bug that allowed for infinite swinging if timed properly.
  • Fixed invisible knees on MTX boots.
  • Fixed Backpack Insurance Bug where you didnt get backpacks returned.
  • Fixed Hired Merc bugs where they didnt move properly or listen to commands. (they still can’t sprint properly, will fix next patch)
  • Fixed Attacks per second bug where values were not proper.
  • Fixed Katar Asura particle placement on death
  • Fixed bug when uninsuring item causes infinite throbber graphic.
  • Fixed bug where Ming Draugr spawns in Ancient Caverns.
  • Fixed bug where skill tree would steal Cintimani Fragments.
  • Fixed exploit where you can drop quest items to duplicate them.

Download Expedition Agartha patch on PC (Steam).

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