EVERSPACE™ 2 Update 0.7.22328 Patch Notes – Nov.3, 2021

    A new EVERSPACE™ 2 update 0.7.22328 released on PC. According to the official EVERSPACE™ 2 patch notes, the latest update addresses some bugs and crashes.

    Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s EVERSPACE™ 2 patch 0.7.22328 will fix a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    EVERSPACE™ 2 Patch Notes – November 3, 2021

    • Added new main and side missions
    • Added new star system: Khaït Nebula
    • Added new player ship class: Vindicator
    • Added new companion
    • Added new enemy faction: Redeemers
    • Added new lifeforms
    • Added new puzzle mechanics
    • Added fast travel mechanics (companion perk)
    • Added map completion display (companion perk)
    • Added more resources
    • Added new star map assets to represent planets and celestial objects more accurately
    • Added “relative mouse controls” option for centered mouse crosshair controls
    • Added new Pulse Laser type
    • Added projectile sounds
    • Added new WIP narrated cinematics
    • Added new music tracks
    • Increased level cap to 20 and added three new player perks
    • UI: Info widget – Added support for disabling tooltip style via settings when using M&K
    • Player ships now have names depending on ship class and ship modules
    • HUD markers for pickups now have a new look and individual icons for each category (weapon, module, resource…)
    • Enabled target lock for outlaw station cores
    • Made fighting G&B in “In Transit” mission a bit more challenging
    • Added planet names to supralight and star map
    • Sniper Drones will now telegraph their shots more accurately
    • Made Sniper Drone shots easier to evade
    • Increased distance at which boundary warning is shown and ship turns around
    • Show time since last save in pause menu and game over screen
    • If saved on station, show station name in save game slot
    • Limited the number of Quantum Tether targets to 5 and reduced the damage bonus from 10% to 5% per target
    • Renamed “Aeterna Bypass” to “Mainframe Expansion”
    • Once initiated, holding F to pull multiple items at once with tractor beam now does not break if item is not hovered anymore
    • Allow “High Capacity” affix on primary weapons which increases energy capacity
    • Slightly increased Outlaw Sniper precision
    • Improved texture memory allocation
    • Improved Fusion Hook “Kunai” mode target acquisition
    • Increased Nano Transmitter “Distribution” mode range to 1km
    • UI: Added action bar divider to improve readability
    • UI: Perks tab – Added animations for selection highlight and “new” indicator
    • UI: Item info widget – Added input specific scrollbars and indicators
    • UI: Item info widget – Switches display style implicitly based on last navigation input (WASD=static or mouse=tooltip)
    • UI: Item info widget – Optimized side-by-side compare window interaction and (sfx-) feedback
    • UI: Shortened hold action durations like dismantle, destroy, store and more
    • UI: Added a rarity dependent duration bonus to the new default dismantle hold duration
    • UI: Added actual object name to loot screen headline (e.g. “Shipwreck” instead of “container”)
    • UI: Shop – Default amount when buying resources set to 1 instead of stack limit
    • UI: Crafting – Saving last used crafting rarity independently instead of per category
    • UI: Item management – Batch move – Added implicit sorting on gamepad
    • UI: Item management – Batch move – Added info banner in case action did not move all items
    • UI: Changing modify action from simple press to hold action to be more consistent with crafting
    • UI: Added new indicator logic for devices and the ship tab
    • UI: Tutorial – The plating Adam got from Dax has a new marker now
    • UI: Perks – “Last opened perk tree” changes to “first not fully upgraded perk tree” in case it is fully upgraded
    • UI: Hyper travel – Gamepad <select> button opens map tab instead of inventory tab
    • UI: Reworked special item action bar. (WIP)
    • UI: Added new ingame menu footer action styles like “pair” and mouse-only
    • Fixed that “Union Border Control” location was unlocked too early
    • Fixed bug where upgrading items in cargo boosted the stats
    • Fixed wrong max hull hitpoints calculation when repairing your ship while any Augment is put into Structure
    • Fixed Vesna Mining Colony shop not being shown on map
    • Fixed occasionally wrong navigation result when using gamepad or WASD to select colors/decals
    • Fixed that the Bomber perk that converts mines would break Minesweeper jobs
    • Fixed flickering of outlaw station cores
    • Fixed “Ultimate Ready” display not showing the correct icon
    • Fixed that secondary weapons will not count towards “Upgrade a weapon’s level” achievement
    • Fixed that the “Accelerated” affix for shields wasn’t changing any stats
    • Fixed Recharge Speed attribute for shields falsely decreasing with higher levels
    • Fixed bomb indicators in the mission “Tipping the Scales”, which didn’t stop pinging after interaction
    • Fixed calculation of Flying Dutchess spawn position
    • Fixed that some equipment received affixes that did not change any attributes, e.g. “Swift Repeater”
    • Fixed being able to re-enter invalidated, already cleared high-risk locations
    • Fixed being able to leave the location using jump drive right after retrieving the signature in “The Vortex”, before the suppressor drones even become active
    • Fixed slide door open/close sounds playing although door was already opened/closed
    • Fixed outlaws being able to spawn below surface during “Spares & Scrap” mission at Nepthys Plains
    • Fixed not receiving all rewards when finishing multiple jobs at once by docking
    • Fixed not receiving a reward when bringing the Flying Dutchess her designated quest item
    • Fixed an exploit that made it possible to create energy spheres without time limit
    • Fixed same keybinding for “increase setting” and “decrease setting” being shown in photo mode when using gamepad
    • Fixed set bonus background border not aligning correctly when comparing items
    • Fixed that containers did not drop loot when hit by player from further than 2km away
    • Fixed a case in which dialogs could overlap after undocking from Nephtys Plains station during a mission and immediately docking again
    • Fixed blocked paths for secrets in Volta Nebula
    • Fixed “Low” texture quality setting not being applied correctly
    • Fixed that setting gamma value via pause menu while docked looked weird/broken
    • Fixed missing location image for “Union Outer Rim”
    • Fixed Fusion Hook “Kunai” mode pulling disabled targets at ludicrous speeds
    • Fixed Okkar Corvettes flying straight out of locations
    • Fixed one frame input lag in auto-aim
    • Fixed that an item bonus was not displayed for an attribute like Utility if there are more than 5 items with a bonus equipped
    • UI: Fixed that drag and drop actions of weapons within equipment inventory could lead to wrong slot highlighting
    • UI: Fixed item management – Batch move – Missing consolidate when using Hive’s “send to homebase” feature
    • UI: Fixed item management – Batch move – Sometimes not all items were moved even though there was space in the target inventory
    • UI: Fixed item management – Batch move – Disabled multi-selection of items located in container or shop
    • UI: Fixed data tab – Empty slots in mission items inventory
    • UI: Fixed focusing wrong slot after consumable fillup via item selection
    • UI: Fixed issues with inventory sorting type “Latest”
    • UI: Fixed a bug where the player could get soft-locked in the crafting materials screen after minimizing the game
    • UI: Fixed item info widget – Side-by-side compare getting stuck when hovering over non-comparable items
    • UI: Fixed perks – Some companion avatar images were cut on top during animation
    • UI: Fixed loud SFX when selling multiple items at once
    • UI: Fixed item selection – Reset item info scroll progress after selected slot changed
    • UI: Fixed ship selector – Change ship actions were active in tabs that didn’t support it
    • UI: Fixed item repair costs could be zero in case they were between 0 and 1
    Features (Exp Diff)
    • (Exp) Added new Redeemer Drone Beam Laser VFX
    Tweaks (Exp Diff)
    • (Exp) Some performance optimizations
    • (Exp) Added list of required resources to mission log of mission “Rips in Space”
    • (Exp) Renamed three Redeemer ships
    • (Exp) Increased initial delay for invasions
    • (Exp) Do not spawn invasions at Prescott Starbase
    • (Exp) Reduced Synchro Pulse range by 100m
    • (Exp) Slightly increased Synchro Pulse energy consumption
    Bugfixes (Exp Diff)
    • (Exp) Fixed location progression not correctly counting devices or mainframe expansions in armored containers
    • (Exp) Fixed location progression not correctly counting some objects (Ancient Jars, Wrecks in Anemones)
    • (Exp) Fixed location progression display not showing a full circle at 100%
    • (Exp) Fixed planet names in the Khaït Nebula system
    • (Exp) Fixed a dialog being repeated while searching the shipwreck during “Picking Up The Pieces”
    • (Exp) Fixed the collision of iris hatches in location “BRI Bioplant”
    • (Exp) Fixed being able to enter the bottom interior of the ancient structure in “Chabar Tower”
    • (Exp) Fixed entry dialog in the first location of the Khaït Nebula system
    • (Exp) Do not spawn invasions in High-Risk areas
    • (Exp) Fixed ancient door open sound being played again although door was already opened
    • (Exp) Fixed “Travel here” button being visible on spatial bypass locations in map mode while not using a spatial bypass
    • (Exp) Fixed that enemies could spawn before the gate to the Khaït Nebula system was unlocked
    • (Exp) Fixed a bug in which, during a certain stage of “X Marks The Spot”, no enemies would spawn when not continuing the mission
    • (Exp) Fixed a bug in “X Marks The Spot” that prevented enemies from spawning if mission was not continued
    • (Exp) Fixed skybox elements missing in randomized locations (Unknown Signals, High-Risk Areas, etc.)
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