Europa Universalis 4 Update 1.33 Patch Notes – March 2nd, 2021

Europa Universalis 4 update 1.33 released on PC (Steam). According to the official Europa Universalis 4 patch notes, the latest update added a new reform for the Celestial Empire, 15 new custom nation ideas, 8 new Custom Nation colors and much more.

Since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s Europa Universalis 4 patch 1.33 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Europa Universalis IV Update 1.33 Patch Notes

Free Features


  • Added a new reform for the Celestial Empire, which allows the Emperor to convert tributaries into vassals at the cost of Mandate per Development. Subjects of the Tributary become independent.
  • Added 15 new custom nation ideas.
  • Added 8 new Custom Nation colors.




  • Trading range no longer extended by fleet basing rights, but is by non-independent subjects.
  • Vassals and marches don’t extend trading range, but PUs and client vassals/marches do.



  • Becoming the new Celestial Empire grant the new Emperor -10% Land Maintenance, +12 Land Force Limit and +15% Manpower Recovery Speed in order to help the AI to unite China.
  • Independent Daimyos lose their government reform should they become subjects of a non-Shogun country.
  • Re-added the “Tribal Identity” government reform for natives.
  • The Chinese Kingdom government reform now gives -100 opinion of countries of the same culture and culture group.
  • The Great Mongol Horde government gives now +50% Cavalry to Infantry Ratio instead of 25% so you are no longer locked to be Tengri to enjoy 100% Cavalry fun.


  • Base Harmony gain has been reduced to 0.25 while Harmony loss during harmonization has been increased to 3.25.
  • Confucian countries get +1 Harmony scaling with Religious Unity (100% Unity = +1 Harmony).
  • New events for the Alcheringa religion have been added, which allow the country to unlock the Dreaming Stories even without having access to the necessary missions.
  • Reworked the Harmonization modifiers, allowing players to harmonize religions in quick succession without suffering horrendous penalties. Also buffed the positive harmony modifiers in order to make Confucian more competitive against other religions.
  • The Yanzhou province has now the Temple of Confucius triggered province modifier if Leviathan is disabled, which gives +0.25 Yearly Harmony, +0.25 Yearly Prestige and +25% Religious Unity as long both the province and its owner are Confucian.
  • The modifiers from the harmonized religions have been buffed.


  • Fire and Shock pips now affect morale damage as well.
  • Overlord naval force limit numbers changed from flat to percentage.
  • Smolensk Units now prefer to display artillery in their stack (similar how Poland shows cavalry if their stacks have cavalry).
  • The Revolutionary Guard now has -50% Regiment Drill Loss.
  • Backrow troops now take 40% of the regular morale damage.


  • Being over governing capacity will no longer decrease the Tribal Development Growth.
  • Stated but no full cored provinces now have a governing cost of 50% instead of 25%.
  • Council of Trent concludes with the majority vote.
  • Being a Hegemony now decreases the opinion of other countries around you by 50 instead of 100.
  • Centralize State now decreases State Governing Cost by 25%, and now affects only the state, not the whole country, while State Maintenance is reduced by 20%. It also increases the Local Prosperity Growth by 0.1, while the action now costs 50 ADM.
  • Centralize State Governing Reform now costs 50 Reform Progress instead of 100 due to the newly added Admin cost.
  • Expand Infrastructure now costs 50 ADM, and reduces governing cost by 10% + 15 Governing Cost flat. It also now buffs the province in every aspect like for example decreasing local development cost by 5%, Monthly Autonomy by -0.005, Local Goods Produced Modifier by 5%, etc.
  • Reduced the manpower, sailors and force limit bonuses granted by colonies by 25%.





  • Fixed Celestial Emperor advisor budgeting issue.
  • Rewrote AI savings logic.
  • Colonial nations spend more money on colonists.
  • Increased AI minimum colonization budget.
  • Reworked AI for mothballing forts, and made rich countries more likely to have at least level 1 advisors.


  • AI no longer tries to retreat to mountains if those are in neutral territory.
  • The Ethiopian AI will now prefer provinces of its state religion to move their capital.
  • Tuned down fort building, especially when on border and next to existing fort.
  • Added an ai_importance value to the decisions for forming Prussia in order to teach the AI that Prussia is op and should be formed if possible.
  • Made AI consider flanking again.
  • AI better understands importance of generals’ pips.
  • AI now considers units’ drill before starting a battle.
  • Fixed bug where AI thought ‘coordinated attack’ and instead sent individual armies to die.
  • Fixed issue that AIs in debt didn’t convert provinces.
  • Fixed multiple issues with scripted ai_army, one of which made it not work at all. It can now also be debugged with the ‘mapmode armyeval’ command.
  • AI better at consolidating regiments before battle.
  • AI can now declare wars when overextension is up to 50% (previously 25%), but only if already coring everything.
  • AI considers nearby units more when considering a battle.
  • AI will now seize land from estates more often, but raise army/fort maintenance.
  • Added AI priority to a few conquest missions of France and the Ottomans in order to ensure them prioritizing their missions.
  • Better at taking home troops overseas (instead of disbanding).
  • Build a bit more universities.
  • Made AI Care about Beijing, Nanjing, Canton for mandate.
  • Made AI Care about corruption for mandate.
  • Celestial Emperor more aggressive towards countries that refuse to pay tribute.
  • Colonial Nations without debt are now likely to spend all subsidies they get on colonists.
  • Colonial subjects will care more about wars against countries in their colonial region.
  • Coordinated offensives will now focus on committed sieges.
  • Fixed AI army ignoring terrain for some threat evaluation.
  • Fixed bug that AI sometimes ignored armies with insufficient troops for siege.
  • Fixed bug that caused exiled armies to behave erratically.
  • Fixed bug that made AI less afraid of non-rebel armies, when it should be rebel armies.
  • Fixed bug that made AI not declare easy wars as often.
  • Fixed bug that made colonial nations not colonize islands in their own colonial region.
  • Fixed issue where armies would refuse to do things nearby, because it was assigned to a region far away.
  • Fixed issue with colonists not being recalled when they should be.
  • Fixed issues sometimes preventing AI upgrading forts to higher level.
  • Fixed issues with colonial budgeting (causing bankruptcy spirals).
  • Fixed that autonomous sieging could go back and forth between provinces that were flipped back by a fort.
  • Improved AI understanding of native uprising risks (less Africans getting stack wiped taking a shortcut).
  • Improved AI handling of estate privileges.
  • Improved army quality calculations.
  • Improved handling of corruption.
  • Improved handling of inflation.
  • Improved logic for where to build forts.
  • Improved national focus (mana) handling.
  • Improved the AI decision making for Orthodox events.
  • Increased budget priority for saving money.
  • Made AI less eager to demand return core treaty unless it likes the benefactor.
  • Made AI less eager to go over naval force limit.
  • Made AI less likely to mothball forts when risky.
  • Lowered AI priority on building great projects over other buildings.
  • Lowered AI safety margin when attacking to compensate for other fixes.
  • Made AI aware of risk of rebels spawning in a province.
  • Made AI chase your small armies in more cases.
  • Made all Chinese countries want to conquer the 3 Mandate cities, if they have 1 already.
  • Made AI armies which are afraid of enemies, prefer safe terrain even more.
  • Made AI more likely to enforce rebel demands (peace treaty) in the rare case that it can do so.
  • Made AI more likely to promote cultures (with large development).
  • Reduced maximum budget for subsidies to the 10% of income.
  • Several fixes and improvements regarding advisors.
  • Somewhat more competent at naval invasions for large empires.
  • Subjects with loans will keep a standing army again (although it will be small).
  • The Ethiopian AI will no longer move its capital while being at war.
  • Tweaked AI siege priorities.
  • Very small countries with scary neighbors will now keep a larger army when at peace.
  • Made small AI countries more careful with Seize Land.
  • Made AI less likely to split armies in threatening places.
  • Made AI more happy to hunt nearby armies.
  • Army AI only takes its own armies on fleets.
  • Fixed small AIs militarizing also when Rights of Man DLC disabled.
  • Improved Strong Duchies AI.





  • Added icon for “statewide_governing_cost”.
  • Added icon for “monthly_piety_accelerator”.
  • Updated the flags of Yeren (now Xibe) and Donghai (now Nanai).
  • The Dreaming Stories of the Alcheringa no longer have all the same icon.
  • Added new icon for alert “GREAT_PROJECT_CAN_BE_UPGRADED”.
  • Added new icons for “free_land_leader_pool” “free_navy_leader_pool”.
  • Fixed .zip file that was showing inquisitor instead of master of mint.
  • Added new scrollbar track for timeout date bar.
  • Changed Jewish rebels flag.
  • Added new map mode icons for “religion” and “religious leagues”.
  • Buda Castle GFX fixes.
  • Added new icon for “Torah aspects can be selected”.
  • Fixed Polynesian Masters of Mint share the same icon with Inquisitors.
  • Fixed some Visual artifacts in the country view windows.


  • Added a tooltip mention for the Free Cities during the Tutorial.
  • Improved the tooltip for the privilege “Expansionist Zealotry” in order to make it clear that both morale modifiers don’t cancel each other out.
  • The tooltip of the requirement of the mission “Expand Overseas” has been improved in order to show that you need 5 provinces in 3 different Trade Company Regions.
  • The name of the decision “Confederal Kingdoms: Arrange Internal Marriage” has been shortened.
  • Improved the devastation map mode tooltips.
  • Tooltip fix for new Reform’s Diplo Action.



  • Added alert for when a monument can be upgraded.
  • Added more information to the naval quality ledger.
  • Removed message for losing a claim if the province is already a core of yours.
  • Stopped parliament background behaving like a giant button.
  • Don’t get idle merchant alerts if you can’t send them anywhere.





  • Added exile_consort_as effect which exiles current consort.
  • Added set_consort effect which set new consort of the king.


  • Added a “Piety Accelerator” modifier that accelerates your piety towards (or away from if negative) Legalism or Mysticism, depending on where your piety is to start with.
  • Added relation_with_same_religion and relation_with_heathens (used the same way as relation_with_heretics).
  • Added is_marine_modifier / is_banner_modifier / is_streltsy_modifier / is_cossack_modifier added.
  • Added land_forcelimit and naval_forcelimit static modifiers added to give bonuses per x amount of force limit
  • Added new modifiers free_land_leader_pool and free_navy_leader_pool to work in conjunction with free_leader_pool to determine how many free leaders each country gets.
  • Added relation_with_same_culture modifier.
  • Added relation_with_same_culture_group modifier.
  • Added relation_with_accepted_culture modifier.
  • Added relation_with_other_culture modifiers.
  • Added defines BACK_LINE_MORALE_DAMAGE_TAKEN_MODIFIER and BACK_LINE_STRENGTH_DAMAGE_TAKEN_MODIFIER which allows to adjust artillery after recent changes.


  • Added a “trade_node_value = <value>” trigger.
  • Added a “num_of_provinces_owned_or_owned_by_subjects_with = {}” trigger scope.
  • Added on_capital_moved on_action which is triggered when capital is moved.
  • Added on_institution_embracement on_action which is triggered when institution is embraced.
  • Added on_national_focus_change on_action which is triggered when national focus is changed.
  • Added on_war_ended with FROM being the loser and ROOT being the winner.
  • Added triggers uses_meritocracy, uses_horde_unity and uses_republican_tradition.


  • Added the “disables_nobility” government attribute which now disables the Nobles Estate. As a result, Parliaments no longer disable the Nobles Estate on its own anymore. In the context of the vanilla game, however, nothing changes as every government reform with a Parliament has now a “Disables Nobility Estate.” trait too.
  • Added on_actions for Centralize State and Expand Infrastructure.
  • Due to modders request, the new government reforms have been sorted into the government_reforms_monarchies and government_reforms_tribes files.





  • Added a new decision, which allows Muslim countries without the Dhimmi estate to gain access to said estate. The decision will replace the Brahmins with the Dhimmi in case of an Indian country taking this decision.
  • Forming a nation in the New World as a former colonial nation will no longer remove all cores in the Old World. Nations from the Old World, which tag switch into New World tags will still release their former tag in the Old World though.
  • Forming the Roman Empire will now convert all of your culture group to the Roman culture instead of just your primary culture.
  • The decisions “Confirm Thalassocracy” trigger tooltip now takes so much space anymore.
  • A new decision has been added, which allows Korea, Tibetan (the whole Culture Group) and Vietnamese countries to Sinicize their culture, changing the primary culture and all of its provinces to a custom culture, which is part of the Chinese culture group.
  • The Vietnamese culture has been moved into the Mon-Khmer culture group. Also a new decision has been added, which allow Dai Viet to Sinicize their culture, changing the primary culture and all Vietnamese provinces to a custom Vietnamese culture, which is part of the Chinese culture group.
  • Forming Ethiopia no longer requires you to be Coptic.
  • Forming Manchuria as a Tributary subject now triggers an event for the overlord, which removes 50 Mandate (Legitimacy or Horde Unity if the overlord is not the Emperor of China) and releases Manchuria.
  • Forming Yuan will now Sinicize the Mongol cultures (Khalkha, Korchin, Mongol and Oirat).
  • Improved the tooltip for the “Adopt Manchu Identity” decision, showing user how many core Jurchen / Manchu provinces of the required 20 user already have.


  • Ayutthaya’s events now address your current ruler instead of having talking about a king which never existed for you.
  • France will no longer declare war upon Burgundy during the Burgundian Inheritance Incident while France is already at war with Burgundy’s overlord.
  • Increased the inflicted inflation from Mali’s Pilgrimage event chain from 0.2 to 0.25 per Trade Income compared to Total Income.
  • Added event options to the Ming Crisis disaster events, which allow the player to switch the tag to the Chinese minor tags.
  • Fixed a tooltip issue for the country who receives the gold from the Mansa during the Pilgrimage event chain.
  • Fixed issues with the Congolese events, which would put players without Origins at a high disadvantage.
  • Joan II de Trastámara is now the same person for both Navarra and Aragon. If he dies in either country then he also dies in the other.
  • Mali can no longer give itself inflation if they move their capital to a region their Mansa is about to visit during the Privilege event chain.
  • Pirates with the reform “War Against the World Doctrine” now stay true to their word and will no longer get the “Slave Trader” event.
  • Removed the stability gain from the event “The Third Temple” when the player decides to delay the reconstruction of the temple.
  • Semi Randomly generated advisors now allow Muslim countries to actually get a Parsi Zoroastrian advisor as it was originally intended.
  • The AI now chooses the options of the republican events more wisely in order to maintain a high amount of Republican Tradition.
  • The Center of Revolution can no longer spawn within the Celestial Empire as the Emperor of China cannot go through the Revolution Disaster.
  • The Jewish event “Build the Third Temple” now triggers through the decision only and can now be fired more than once per game.
  • The Mali Pilgrimage event will no longer periodically let the player know that the Mansa has arrived in their region. The message was clear after the first time already.
  • The Mali event “The many options of European Trade Outposts” now has an option, which can be always chosen.
  • The Polish event “Elective Monarchy in Poland” will now always trigger regardless if Poland has already enacted four privileges for the Nobility. Should Poland have Golden Liberty revoked before they gain the Elective Monarchy then a noble privilege will be replaced with the Golden Liberty privilege.
  • The Polish events regarding the Elective Monarchy are no longer bound to the Polish culture but to the tag of Poland.
  • The Surrender of Maine event now has a custom casus belli, which acts as an usual Restoration of Personal Union cb for England, but is like a Reconquest cb for France.
  • The Swiss events about Calvin can now only trigger in the Age of Reformation in order to prevent him returning from his grave.
  • The event “Administrating A Tributary Network” requires 10 Tributary State when you have only Kingdom rank to fire.
  • The event “An important matter in sabbath” now gives +50 adm power if you have 3 stability / -100 adm power if you have -3 stability. It also no longer shows you that you have the Rights of Man DLC enabled.
  • The event “Dubious Spending Practices” will now properly increase the dev of the province of the corrupt advisor.
  • The event “Growing Imperial Influence” can now actually fire.
  • The event “Lost Animal” costs now 0.25 years of income in the first option instead of flat 50 Ducats. The second option now increases the Migration Cost by 50% instead of reducing it by 10%.
  • The event “Tribal allegiance” for the Mossi Confederal Kingdom will no longer trigger every 20 days until the end of the game.
  • The event “Where the Legend Begins” can no longer trigger if you have already the legendary location explored.
  • The event “Winter Siege” now triggers between November and April.
  • The event “[Root.GetName] Is in Debt!” for Private Enterprise Colonies reduces now corruption by -2 in the first option.
  • The options of the event “Ku Demands a Sacrifice” are now available even if you have -3 stability.
  • Increased the mean time to happen for the stability hit event of Maili’s disaster by 100 days.
  • The Mutapan event “Regression of Zimbabwe” will no longer fire if the mission “Restore Zimbabwe” has been completed before.
  • The Polish event no longer removes the Command of the Military privilege as Poland cannot enact it.
  • The Third Temple event now puts the monument always on level 3.
  • Added go to buttons to the Ming disaster events.
  • Corrected a small event description error for the Korean event “Korea and the Rise of the Manchu”.
  • Events which were locked behind Ming are now available to the Celestial Emperor (or to a Chinese country in the case the Celestial Empire ceased to exist).
  • Forming Manchuria will now trigger an event for Korea, which allows them to become the tributary of Manchuria in exchange for every province in the Korean peninsula hold by Manchuria. If Manchuria is controlled by a player then a second event will fire, which asks the player if they want to accept Korea as their tributary in the first place.
  • Halved the Mean Time to Happen for the event “The Fate of Neumark”.
  • Revolution in a province will increase the local unrest by 0.25 per Absolutism instead of 0.5 local minimum autonomy.
  • The Napoléon event from the French Revolution disaster now spawns Napoléon as a competent general too when he becomes your ruler.
  • The event “A Helping Hand” now decreases Monument Upgrade Costs for 10 years instead of 5 year and gives now a level 2 Artist advisor with a discount.
  • The event “Earthquake destroys Lisboa” now adds 100 Devastation to Lisboa and decreases local goods produced by 25% instead of a flat 0.66.
  • The event “Mandukhai Khatun” can now properly trigger for Mongolia while they are a horde.
  • The event “Netherlands Declare Independence!” now has a second option, which allows you to play as them. Additionally, the event “Dutch Mobilization” gives them now 500 Ducats and a general with 80 army tradition in order for them to fight for their independence properly.
  • The “Convert Hagia Sophia into a Mosque” for owners of “Star and Crescent” has now the same effect as the event for the ones who don’t have the DLC.
  • The event “Estate’s Leadership Challenged” can no longer trigger for countries which are a junior partner.


  • Portugal’s ideas have been rebalanced, making them more competitive compared to their neighbors.
  • The Plains Native Ideas no longer conflict with the Southeastern Woodlands Ideas.
  • The ideas of the Roman Empire have been buffed to get on par with the ideas of the Holy Roman Empire.
  • Finishing the Maritime Ideas gives now +25% Marine Force Limit. The Maritime/Economic Policy “The Recruitment Act” now gives +25% Marine Force Limit too instead of the previous 5%.
  • Moved the Marine Force Limit of the Maritime ideas from their Ambition to their second idea. The first idea now increases Trade Range by 25% and the ambition now increases Fleet Movement Speed by 1.
  • Quintupled the value of all ideas which increase the Marine Force Limit (Castile for example can now hire 25% of its force limit as Marines instead of 5%).
  • The “Grand Navy” idea of the Maritime Ideas now increases Ship Trade power Propagation by 25%.
  • The Espionage Ideas have been slightly reworked. “Claim Fabrication” is now the first idea, followed by the “State Propaganda” idea. The third idea, “Efficient Spies” now increases Siege Ability by 10%. The Advisor Cost reduction has been moved to the fourth idea, which is “Agent Training”.
  • The Naval Idea “Press Gangs” now increases Marines Force Limit by +25% and the bonus idea of Naval Ideas gives now +15% Ship Disengagement Chance instead of +10% Marines Force Limit.


  • Adal’s mission “Subjugate Ajuuraan” now properly requests of Ajuuraan’s states.
  • Added missing country shields for some British missions.
  • Adjusted Japanese missions in regarding the Kurils change.
  • Adjusted the estate requirements for some missions of the Mughals.
  • Castile now gains its PU CB against Portugal after the missions “Reclaim Andalucía” AND “Subjugate Navarra” are completed.
  • Chagatai and Yarkand have now access to the generic Tartar missions.
  • Ethiopia’s mission “Conquer Adal” gives now a claim on the province Werder too.
  • Forming Rûm will now give access to the Ottoman missions.
  • Forming a new country while having the Alcheringa religion will no longer get your missions overridden with Alcheringa missions.
  • Kongo’s mission “Absolute Rule” is no longer soft locked through the usage of Trade Companies.
  • The Ayutthaya mission “Populate <Capital>” can now be completed by either concentrating dev twice or by developing the capital five times.
  • The Ethiopian mission “Unite the Horn” no longer requires you to have the province Fazughli colonized.
  • The German mission “Concert of Europe” now has an alternative condition of having 2500 total development instead of having 75 Power Projection.
  • The Holy War cb from the generic Central African mission “Expand our Religious Views” gets no longer removed after the first month tick.
  • The Hungarian mission “Bibliotheca Corviniana” now upgrades the Bibliotheca Corviniana monument to Tier 1.
  • The Italian mission “Alpine Defenses” now allows to be completed when the required provinces have better forts than castles.
  • The Mali mission “Protect West African Trade” gives now the proper Global Trade Goods Produced modifier instead of the local one.
  • The Spanish mission “Recover Portugal” has been moved. It now requires the missions “Subjugate Navarra” and “Reclaim Andalucía” in order to be completed. Additionally, Castile / Spain has now access to the two generic European missions “Global Dominance” and “Faith’s Bastion”. They are NOT required for the Forever Golden achievement.
  • The Venetian mission “Expand The Doge’s Palace” now also upgrades the Doge’s Palace monument when Leviathan is enabled.
  • The Venetian mission “Expand The Doge’s Palace” now improves the base tax of Venice when Leviathan is disabled.
  • The conquistador Hernan Cortés from the mission “Claim Hispaniola” has now his name back.
  • The mission “Construct the Kiel Canal” will now properly check if you are constructing the Kiel Channel monument when Leviathan is enabled.
  • The mission “Sankore University” can now be fulfilled when the Sanko Madrasah monument has level 3 reached too.
  • The native mission “Uniting the Tribes” can now be completed if you have 20 or more provinces.
  • Ming’s missions are now available to countries which primary culture is of the Chinese culture group (with the Sinicized cultures as the exception).
  • Adjusted the Mongolian mission “Unite the Mongols” so that you don’t get soft locked out of when you form Yuan with the new culture change.
  • All missions which have an average autonomy condition no longer consider autonomy of oversea provinces.
  • All vassalized countries from the Lübeck mission “Unite the League” will now become a historical friend of Lübeck.
  • Forming Punjab will no longer devolve your mission tree to the generic ones.
  • Missions which require you to concentrate development three times have now an alternative way to complete them due to the nerf Concentrate Development has received.
  • New World missions, which require you to not being tribal, can be completed while being a Horde.
  • The Japanese mission “Pacify the North” now gives claims on the whole Sakhalin island.
  • The Korean mission “Build to Force Limit” now revokes the “Inwards Perfection” estate privilege if done by a player. This change has been done due to the cooldown of the privilege, which would force players to wait 25 years before they can revoke the privilege on their own.
  • The Manchu mission “Invade Joseon” can now be completed when Korea is a tributary state.
  • The mission “L’État c’est moi” now checks for the average autonomy of your non-Oversea provinces instead of all your provinces.
  • Removed the power projection requirement for the Songhai mission “Take the Empire Title” as it could not really compare the power projection of Mali to Songhai and power projection is not the best for mission requirements due to their limited nature.


  • The triggered province modifier “Paektu Mountain” of the Jianzhou province now requires you to own and have a core on Jianzhou and Gyeongseong.
  • The new Holder of the Mandate gets -0.1 Global Monthly Devastation in order to have an easier time maintaining the Mandate.


  • Korean’s heir Hyang Yi has gained +1 stat in every category and the capital Hanseong has gained +5/+6/+4 dev in order to make Korea a little bit more accurate.
  • Non-tributary subjects now join the wars of their overlord in the wars of the bookmarks (for example: all of France’s vassals are now at war with England during the English-French Hundred Years War in 1447).
  • Added a birthday for the ruler of Morocco.
  • Added starting rulers for Wadai and Ogaadeen.
  • Added the Nivkh culture to the Kamchatkan culture group and changed the cultures of Nivkh and its provinces.
  • Assam has now the proper Indian unit types instead of the Chinese units.
  • Bunyoro now starts with the Acholi culture as an accepted culture.
  • Burgundy can no longer get rid of Charles.
  • Byzantium has now discovered the Mashriq in 1444.
  • Changed several province and capital names of the Manchuria region.
  • Changed the name of the province Kosti to Waylula.
  • Changed the setup of the owned provinces of the countries in the Manchu region.
  • Countries, which start with the “Rajput Kingdom” government reform while Dharma is inactive start now with a fallback government reform.
  • Ogaadeen now has cores on the provinces Degehabur and Werder.
  • The Kurils and Sakhalin (renamed into Enchiw) are now owned core provinces of Ainu.
  • The Yanzhou province is now a holy site of Confucianism.
  • The following countries have been renamed: “Donghai” into “Nanai”, “Udege” into “Orochoni”, “Yeren” into Xibe.
  • The province Deren (now called Tyr) has now the Amur Estuary, giving it +10 Local Trade Power.
  • The provinces Korofan, Medwa and Kobbe have now the Tunjur culture.
  • The provinces Qaraqorum and Sain Noyom have been swapped. Sain Noyon has been renamed into Bayankhongor.
  • The ruler of AQ has remembered that he is the older brother and is now 10 years older than his heir.
  • The ruler of Pegu has gained 10 years of life experiences.
  • Adjusted the Terra Incognita so that Ainu, Nivkh, Solon and Orochoni have finally an idea where their neighbors’ provinces are located. Also, Solon has learned how to send ships to the sea too!.
  • Korchin now starts as a Tributary State of Ming in order to get not all of the Jurchen obliterated by Ming when they ally Korchin.
  • Passau now produces Salt instead of fish.
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